1. saurabh_1e

    CPU Cooler

    Cpu cooler for 1055T@4.0Ghz 1)Hyper 212 evo-->2k 2)AOC 120ST-->3k 3)AOC 120DT-->4k 4)Venomous X-RT-->2.7k I already have a CM 120mm lying for push pull config. Any idea on relative performance.
  2. bajaj151

    Suggest UPS for my rig

    Config : Motherboard : MSI 890GXM G65 Processor : 1055T RAM : Corsair XMS3 4*2GB GPU : Sapphire 7850 OC Hard Disk : 500GB + 320 GB + 1TB Power Supply : Corsair VX 550W DVD RW : Samsung CPU Cooler : Hyper 212 EVO (Push n Pull config..2*120mm) Fans : 4*80mm + 3*120mm + 2*200mm Requirements ...
  3. avichandana20000

    Push pull connection

    Motherboards are having one CPU FAN connector in general. Then how to connect two fans of HSF for PUSH PULL CONFIG? googlling only shows the picture of HSF hugged by two fans but not how the actual connections are made. PS: I am not going to OC or do anything with this as of now. Its just a...
  4. Faun

    Record your pullups

    26 pullups as of 1:48pm today. Where ? - Company's gym :razz: Proper technique for pull ups (except the assisted part everything is ok):
  5. Faun

    Health and Fitness Thread V1: 100% Adrenaline

    So i was thinking of creating a thread where I wanted to share my experience and encourage others to do the same for the lulz. I never actually though of joining gym but then to keep myself busy and to forget someone...lol. But then it is one of the best thing ever happened to me (except the...
  6. Faun

    Picliners **Bandwidth Warning**

    Dull life makes no sense now, lets just add some creativity. Don't care how stupid it is ! just make one and enjoy. Take it from this forum or a pic and let your wicked imagination begin. PS: don't close it, let it pull shapes
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    The Part You Died/Got Frustrated the Most in Any Game

    Alright men.Now we all are mortals,so eventually get clobbered a lot in all the games.This idea just struck me when I was playing God Of War today & almost tore my hair off at certain point.So please list all your experiences in any games where you have been killed/been pissed off/been extremely...
  8. spironox

    how to pull the product key from my Microsoft Windows CD?

    how do i pull the product key from my Microsoft Windows CD? i got the windows xp Porfessional orginal cd, in sort of a messy condition thrown away state.. the user seems to be somewhat furious abt the operating system i guess now i have this gleaming org version cd but no keys eventhough i...
  9. MysticDews

    How do i PULL it???

    I m using openSUSE 10.2 and a bluetooth adapter.. Now using kbluetoothd my nokia 3230 gets detected and i m able to use the OBEX push service to send data from my pc to the cell.. But how do i get data from my cell to the pc through Bluetooth.. I also have gnokii but dnt know how to use...
  10. official

    Rediff Bol Problem

    Every time i open rediff bol it blocks all the usb ports.Camera,printer stops working .To make them work i have to pull out the cord and insert it again.Why is it so.Is this the only solution?
  11. C

    counterstrike queries

    i have been watching a lot of videos by clans such as aAa, team3d and col (3 best teams in the world) i noticed the following and wanted to know how they got to do it: 1. their snipers had crosshairs even without zooming 2. when they throw grenades they dont have to pull the pin 3...
  12. nix

    how to click OK here

    well this is one strange problem...i have this window open and its long ok...i need to close it by clicking OK but the OK button is not in the screen..its somewhere down...i cant pull up the window too....wat do i do now..see the screenshot
  13. Choto Cheeta

    help: - Installing Cabinet FAN....

    I have bought a new Cabinet fan.... now while installing the fan into my cabinet i cant figure it out which way to put the fan i mean which way the air should go... 1. whether the fan should pull the air out of the cabinet?? 2. or the fan should push air inside the cabinet?? pls help me...
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