1. patelpk

    Macbook Pro 2010 - DC connector

    Hi All, Can someone guide me where in Delhi/Noida I get DC connector for my Macbook Pro Mid 2010 replaced. I know most probably Nehru place will have this, but if someone can provide me an contact number of person that would be awesome :).
  2. A

    Which is the Best Broadband Service in East Delhi ?

    1.fed up with Spectranet as they do not provide monthly bill (required for my company reimbursement) pls tell me other company which provide good plans with good service+low dis connections !! i live in Patparganj
  3. S

    Spectranet to offer unlimited data with 100 mbps speed for Rs 1,200

    Source: Spectranet to offer unlimited data with 100 mbps speed for Rs 1,200 | ET Telecom Does anyone use Spectranet? Is there truly no datacap? Do they actually provide the advertised speeds? How is the uptime?
  4. I

    Looking for mobile app developers (students only)

    i need students who are good with mobile app development for a company operating in Africa. I have checked online but not been able to get any reference. Kindly provide a referral or let me know if you fit the description
  5. V

    Suggestion to buy note 4

    I want to buy note 4 .... In ebay it was listed very cheap (around 30k) but when i tried to buy the mobile I showed that mobile can be shipped only with in seller city... When I contacted the seller he told be he could provide the mobile directly but I have to pay him 40% of price as advance...
  6. I

    How is Thapar University?

    Hi all! I have option to go to Thapar University for a masters. I am right now undecided between a M.Tech in VLSI design or Energy Technology and Management. As I did my bachelors from abroad I dont have much information or feel regarding the education quality here at the masters level...
  7. F

    Xbox 360 emulator

    Does anyone know about any decent Xbox emulators and it's system requirements. Please provide download links if you can.
  8. deadcode00

    Suggest a new ups..

    hey guys i need a new ups for my rig my configs are processor-amd 8350 gpu-amd6850 motherboard-asus m5a97 rev-2.0 powersupply-cs650m(active pfc) and when you suggest please provide the link to buy as well if possible :)
  9. jaimin100

    shipment from USA to india

    hello mates, i m creating these thread because lots of camera acesories are avaliable at cheaper rate in USA. there are many website who provide service to ship product to worldwide. please discuss here your experince if u done.
  10. F

    Need new Monitor 16k budget

    Urgent:Need new Monitor 16k budget Hi, I am planning to buy a new monitor, I mostly play Dota 2 and COD for multiple hours(8-12 hrs a day on holidays :P). My Budget is 16k I was thinking of buying RL2455H. Should I get it or something else like an asus. Also plz provide link if its...
  11. D

    Does AUX cable really matter ?

    Well i am planning to replace my old 2metre AUX cable with a new one. I was going through Flipkart & Ebay & was surprised to see such a wide variation in the prices & no decent review in the net to actually say whether there is much difference between a 100rs & 500rs cable. So i decided to post...
  12. TechnoBOY

    best wifi router+ modem ??

    so i basically need Wireless-N router+modem for bsnl bb or should i just use what the provide at the time of connection because i will just use it for 2 or 3 months
  13. T

    Get ID and Value in AutocompleteTextView

    Hi, I am newbie to android development, I am trying to set ID value from Json object and then want to fetch ID against corresponding text. Problem is how to set Id and value in autocompletetextview and fetch them, got some articles about using custom adapters but don't know how to use them...
  14. A

    portable multi charger for mobile phones

    anything likr this available here in our country which can provide charging orts for all types of mobiles or multiple mobiles together
  15. N

    About Broadband/FTTH in West Delhi

    Hello digit'ians, I have been with MTNL since last 12 years. started with 599 plan and was somehow getting speed of 1MBPS instead of 512kbps. Was overjoyed and did high downloading for last 5-6 years. However they came to notice this fact and reduced my speed to original. Now MTNL does not...
  16. S

    How to keep my graphics card cool without a fan ?

    I have a ATI Radeon HD 4350 card.It does not have a heat sink but han a fan on it.Yesterday accidently the 2 wires connecting the card to its fan got severred :( I tried to find a replacement fan at the computer stores but they couldn't provide one.So I think I will have to run my card without...
  17. Desmond

    Java 8 Officially Released

    I hope they fixed all the outstanding security bugs that have been plaguing Java for a long time. Source : Latest JDK 8 Release Notes Here are some new changes to the language : - Lambda Expressions, a new language feature, has been introduced in this release. They enable you to treat...
  18. R

    Creating a Multiplayer CS session

    Me and My 9 other friends decided to play counter strike this weekend. Preperations have begun. But nobody knows how to setup a server ? We have all installed CS 1.6 game. Wifi and LAN both options are available. Can some1 please provide links for tutorials which explains how to connect 8-10pcs...
  19. Vyom

    Require Wifi Router : Price 1k to 2.5K : Moving from MTNL to Pacenet

    So, I am moving from MTNL (after 4.5 yrs) to some other broadband service with better stability and customer care. I have decided to go with Pacenet after a lot of discussion here in this thread. Now Pacenet doesn't provide a phone line, so I won't be needing a Router cum Modem. I would need...
  20. bubusam13

    [Want to Buy] Asus m5a88-m motherboard backplate

    Hi, can anyone pls provide me Asus m5a88-m motherboard backplate. Motherboards - M5A88-M
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