1. Desmond

    Winamp to shutdown after 20th Dec 2013

    My most favourite media player before VLC came along. Could be one of the best media players out there. Extremely skinnable and support for thousands of plugins. It was so popular that Digit use to provide Winamp skins with every disc during the heydays. This will be a sad demise...
  2. M

    3D - What are the Exact requirements for AMD's HD3D?

    Ever since watching some 3D movies in theatres,I've always wondered whether it can be done on a PC?I know about NVIDIA's Sterescopic 3D vision but looking around for AMD's answers to this has drawn a blank.I read a bit about AMD's HD3D,seems like it requires a third party driver (iZ3D) with...
  3. sksksksk

    Premium WebTemplates Query

    Well.. I am thinking of building websites at domestic level... using paid templates available on net. Will the paid templates provide database along with the layout?? o.O or I need to design the database according to the attributes??
  4. N

    Question about RMA

    My PSU is dead and i am going to RMA it. Do they provide any receipt once we hand over the component to them ?
  5. Limitless

    Broadband Help

    Hi Guys Can you suggest me some good companies which provide unlimited plans My Budget 1100 Location:- Delhi Airtel don't provide unlimited plans anymore currently I'm using 2mbps @ 1000Rs 10GB data which is too less :/
  6. R

    Buying Sony42W800A... Need Help, Suggestion, Feedback....

    Hi All, Planning to book a SonyW800A, Please provide Help, Suggestion, Feedback on owning it. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ravi
  7. J

    Internet connection with HUB feature in Goregaon -west

    is anybody know any ISP in Goregaon west who provide HUB feature like 5 networks provide?
  8. S

    Laptop Headset to Mobile Coverter???

    Hello guys.. Anybody knows how can I convert my laptop headset having 2 jack (i.e one for earphone and another for mic) to 1 jack for my mobile so that both functions will work in mobile too. I am sure there would be some adapter for it. Can anybody provide me with link to such item(Can...
  9. akash1988

    Best CPU+Motherboard Combo under 5K?

    A friend wants to upgrade his processor and motherboard under 5K. So is there any AMD Llano or Trinity processor+motherboard combo kit, similar to the Intel Atom CPU+Mobo kits, under 5K? Do provide a link from where we can buy it online, if possible.
  10. S

    rooting and Flashing Wondermedia WM8650

    Hi All!! I want to know if it is possible to root and flash a Wondermedia wm8650 with a custom ROM. It was bought from Bangkok. If yes, please provide procedure to fo the same. WonderMedia Technologies, Inc. Thanks in Advance!!! Shiva
  11. S

    sennheiser running headphones

    i need to buy running headphones by sennheiser.. i am confused between the ocx and pmx series and their 680 and 685i versions.. please provide some assistance..
  12. powerhoney

    Customizable laptops from Azom

    Hey, guys check this site out... They're a new Indian company, aspiring to provide the best PC's and Laptops at not-so ridiculous prices. AZOM is a relatively new company who provide customized PC's and Laptops to the Indian market.:-):mrgreen: Welcome To Azom @mods Edit the thread if it's not...
  13. D

    External HDD under 7k....

    urgent help needed in buying an external 2TB HDD under rs 7k.... open to buying online.....please provide links too.... Thnx in advance... :D
  14. G

    Windows ac buying? - reply soon.

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy a Windows AC of 2 Tons, My budget is Rs.40000, Please let me know soon respected members which brands ac is good?, and please provide the relevant links of the Acs on the Web.Reply soon.Thank You. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  15. A

    Cooler master Elite 371 from online store (cash on delivery)

    hi guys i am aryan form gurgaon. i want to buy cooler master elite 371 but my problem is that around my place there is no computer store which can provide me this cabinet.thats mean i need to buy it from online stores..please provide me some online stores links who also accept cash on delivery...
  16. Ironman

    [Query] Vedant Computers Kolkata

    Anybody know the contact email of vedant except ved_info@vsnl[dot]com ?? if yes then please provide it to me i want to know the price o 7 GPUs (if available ) but they are not replying through that email (tried 10 times) if you stay near ganesh chandra avenue then i can provide...
  17. theserpent

    ISP's in mangalore

    Hey there can anyone please tell the isps avail in mangalore other than Airtel,Bsnl and Ask Reliance sadly doesn't provide wiredinternet here :(
  18. K

    Freeware software

    Hi Guys, Any best free internet security software? Can you recommend a paid software,if freeware not ADVISABLE? Can you provide the link on this?
  19. K

    Laptops with Student's Discount

    I was browsing through this forum and learnt that Dell provides 6% students discount on some versions of their laptop. This is very useful info for me as I'm a student and didn't know that I could avail a discount. Are there any other brands or retail outlets that provide a students discount?
  20. theserpent

    Happy bday to sanudigit , CHALLENGER , icebags , buddyram, desai_amogh, ofabhishek

    Happy bday Is it really their Bday or they din't provide their real bday :D
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