1. krates

    [Review] My new site <snip> audio and video search engine

    Hey all, Yesterday i started another website of mine which is it is the biggest audio and video search engine for audio it searches the whole internet to find your audio file you are looking for and provide options for listen and download for video it searches the main video sites like...
  2. B

    Windows XP SP3 ?

    Please tell me the SP3 is now available online for the download or not. Also provide the download source.
  3. vish786

    Women Association ?

    any idea about any women association, meant for helping women legally under trouble .... for harrassment, tortured, or in court if she has any case against men, or a case against some group of women... where they can provide any help to any needy one ? plz provide their contacts/address. Thanks...
  4. M

    need software

    please provide gps software for n70 and 6230i.
  5. S

    Creating A CD-Interface Like Digit CD/DVD

    Hi...,I want to know that how to create a CD-Interface like Digit CD, i maen that sidebar n watch n calender in them...You know. can any1 plz provide me a tutorial about this? Thank U.
  6. N

    help!! i want sites for multiple choice questions

    Please can any one provide me sites that will provide help for questions and answers for c,c++,visual basic and html???? :( :(
  7. Batistabomb

    Buy my product "Mobile Tracking System" , Just Rs. 350

    Guys i was a symbian software engineer for nokia series 60 mobiles, our newly developed product "MOBILE TRACKING SYSTEM (MTS) ", is just for Rs.350, i will provide you with a CD pack which we can install directly in to the mobile, if interested contact me here
  8. Yoda

    Plan to buy SATA - DVD Writers(Optical Drive) Help Needed...

    Hi Friends, I plan to buy a SATA DVD Writer. Please guide me in choosing the right one. Please provide the price of the latest SATA - DVD Writes. Thanks a lot.
  9. Batistabomb

    Prince of persia : the two thrones cheats please

    Prince of persia : the two thrones cheat codes please can any body provide
  10. V

    GTA:Vice City

    Hi Friends, I am just playing GTA:Vice City. I have completed almost 75% of the game and want to back up it.:p Please provide me the steps needed to back up the game's Saved file.:confused: Please reply..!!:) :)
  11. Gigacore

    AMD Goes Linux

    Video card giant AMD announced the release of new Linux drivers for it's popular line of video cards today. The new drivers, Linux Catalyst 7.10, provide updates and features for desktop effects and gaming. The new drivers provide support for AIGLX and ATI GPUs, enabling performance...
  12. sourav

    Help! doubts in buying Wireless Router

    i am think of buying a wireless router and i want its cost to be as low as posible, and it must be less than 2000 rs. What is the range does it provide? Does any of those provide two-three ethernet ports as it is important for me. As my pc and bsnl modem should directly connect to it...
  13. talkingcomet

    Open source alternative to MS SQL?

    Can any one suggest an open source alternative for MS SQL? I need to provide database connectivity using .net...
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