1. bssunilreddy

    Seasonic X660 (SS660-KM)

    Hi, I need to buy Seasonic X660 fully modular PSU in Hyderabad.I also want to know the exact price in local market/vendor.Kindly provide me any details regarding price/availability. Thanks & Regards, bavusani
  2. V2IBH2V

    Optical to 3.5mm converter

    Ok so my TV has only an optical out.. How can i convert it to 3.5mm jack? Plz provide a link to those amps that can convert it.. Im tired of googling now :(
  3. S

    Review on sify broadband

    Hi, Want to change my Bsnl 750+ to sify's wireless 499 broadband. Sify provide 384kps(day)/512kbps(night) unlimited usage for Rs 499 at my area. Doesn't know much about about sify , should i go for it ? If any one using Sify please provide your valuable review. Thanks
  4. R

    Provide Solution

    Hello freinds, Please provide the solution to the following two programs: 1.Design a class STR to overload + and < operator to join two strings and to compare two strings. 2.Write a program to write a sentence into a data file and then count the number of characters present in that file...
  5. S

    LED Monitor suggestions - 23 or 24 inch

    I am looking for a new 23/24 inch monitor. I will be using it on my MSI R5770 Hawk. Please provide me with suggestions/recommendations on which model to buy according to these requirements of mine: 1. 2ms/5ms response time. 2. Full HD 1920x1080 or higher resolution 3. HDMI connection 4. LED...
  6. R

    buying PMP below300

    hi guys i want to buy one cheap mp3 player for around Rs.300. with good battery back up of ATLEAST 5 hours.please help me. plz provide the site where can i get it.
  7. NoasArcAngel

    All about music and sound. Must "hear" before you buy.

    Hi guys i will be posting a audio post. since i am too tired and lazy to type :D . so i hope you bear and listen to me while i provide you with insight into my thought on sound and what to buy what not to buy. Just keep listening \m/
  8. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Government's 'Har Hath Main Phone' Scheme Promises One Mobile Phone For Poor Families

    In what could turn out to be its calling card for the 2014 general elections, the government is finalizing a Rs 7,000 crore scheme to give one mobile phone to every family living below the poverty line.Sources in the PMO said the scheme—Har Hath Mein Phone—expected to be announced by PM Manmohan...
  9. K

    is lenovo g580 a nice product???

    hey guys , i m looking for a core-i5(3rd gen) laptop under 40k. After going through different sites, i decided to go for lenovo g580. But i m not sure about it's build quality, heating issues(if any) & post sales-services of lenovo(as this is my first time with lenovo). So can u guys provide...
  10. S

    Want to take a new 5.1 speakers

    hi i just want to take a new 5.1 speakers but i am not able to decide of which brand i have to take and of which models.I want to have a full wooden based speakers. Kindly provide the details of which speakers is the best of around Rs 5000.
  11. D

    Please suggest a UPS

    please suggest a UPS for the following configuration as the one I own now was bought way back in 2004(Numeric 600VA) is struggling to provide 1~2minute of backup time. i5 2500k Asrock Z77Ext4 HD7850 gfx card WD640GB+500GB DVD burner 4 x 120MM case fans 24" DELL LCD Netgear DGN1000 wifi...
  12. A

    Tabs in MDI in MFC

    Hello, everyone. I have searched for tutorials on how to use Tabs in MDI application in MFC in Visual Studio 2010. But didn't find any. So, if any of you could provide me a small, basic one on how to program Tabs in MDI in MFC, that would be great. Thank you :)
  13. giprabu

    [Query] Where to claim warranty for PowerColor Radeon 5700 series card .?

    I'm experiencing a fan problem now and the card is heating over 90degrees.. Please provide me the contact details for service centre for power color company in chennai.. :(
  14. F

    IPv6 Google

    IPv6 ? Google its from google's homepage I want to which ISPs in India provide IPv6 ?
  15. Revolution

    Who Provide Free Facebook,Twitter etc ?

    Which mobile operators really provide free full access to FB,twitter or other good services ? Is there any hidden cost ? How to access them on mobile ? 2G or 3G ? Will they also work on PC too ? Heard Airtel give free FB on mobile. Is it true ? Please share ur experience and knowledge...
  16. R

    Uregnt- print protected pdf

    my exams are about to begin. I have no time to do it myself.need your help guys. I want to print question papers which are print protected,Is der any software through which i can print these. please provide the link or name. thanku in advance
  17. M

    ARM multicore Processor

    Help me how ARM multicore processor restarts ? I underwent with all the documentaion part in their website but haven't found the exact idea. Provide any links to refer which is best one. thank you
  18. A

    doubt regarding usb 3.0 port

    hi friends...can usb 3.0 ports provide usb 3.0 speed(or atleast better speed than usb 2.0) to usb 2.0 devices inserted to them.I had heard about transcend's usb 3.0 express card adapter which can provide 2 usb 3.0 ports to laptops which have only usb 2.0 ports. so we get this superspeed only if...
  19. G

    How to enable USB power on after PC shutdown

    I recently bought a wi-fi router to run net on my laptop .the router is powered by a usb cable which is connected to my pc . The problem is that to keep the router on I've to keep the PC on too.... is there any way by which I can configure my usb ports so that they will provide voltage after pc...
  20. D

    Hello friends ;)

    Hi friends... Can u tell some websites or services that provide windows vps or linux vps in india... i know some sites but they dont provide unlimited band width...
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