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  1. P


    Hi... having issue accessing my micromaxa106 mobile.It is showing " PLZ ENTER PRIVACY PROTECTED PASSWORD". This problem occur as soon i just removed my sim. pls help me getting rid of it.. THX
  2. I

    write protected DataTraveler USB Drive

    hiii...please help me how to format write protected DataTraveler USB Drive
  3. P

    SanDisk USB pendrive WRITE PROTECTED

    My 16GB SanDisk USB pendrive is write protected. How can I remove write protection? Please tell me the solutions to remove write protection. email: --removed-- as per forum rules
  4. harshilsharma63

    Moserbear Pen Drive Got Write Protected

    Hi guys. My friend's Moserbear is getting the write protected error on writing to it. I searched the Internet for solutions buy none of them worked. Diskpart, Transcend utility, nothing worked. So is there any way to remove this problem?
  5. anirbandd

    Brand new Sandisk microSD 8GB card write protected??

    Hi all, I bought these Sandisk uSD cards from FK today. I mounted them on a card reader and connected them to my PC to perform a low level format before mounting them on my phone... It says the card is write protected.. can anyone help? i have had a Sandisk card before and it never was...
  6. M

    pendrive write protection removal

    I have sandisk cruzer blade 8 GB pen drive. whenever I go to copy files from my computer to it, it gives me message " The disk is write protected. remove write protection first." How should I remove it. I tried it at my own , but unable to see any write protection removal option in...
  7. ramakanta

    Writing a DVD/CD with Password Protected

    Is there any procedure to protected a CD/DVD when writing something inside it. i.e. whenever want to open CD/DVD , it need a password to open this CD/DVD that you have given when written on it . please help me . thank you. :oops:
  8. J

    Is it serious illegal if I copy a protected blu ray?

    I have a protected blu ray DVD, it's my favorite movie so I wanna make a copy in case the blu ray breaks. How to do it? And is it legal? Plus I just copy for personal use.
  9. Jitendra Singh

    Croma 8GB pen drive showing write protected while formating

    I had bought a 8GB pen drive from Croma retail around 2 months ago. Yesterday I tried to format it, the message was ' The disk is write protected '. While there is no any button/switch like SD card adapters.
  10. speedyguy

    Help: Phone's Micro SD Right Protected

    Suddenly, my micro SD card (Strontium 16gb Class 10) got right protected and I'm not able to access it via phone (read/write/format). From PC, I can see the contents but can't alter anything. Message pops up saying card is right protected, unlock it. There is no switch in the card, and I...
  11. A

    Suggest a free file hosting site with remote upload(of password protected site)

    I need a file hoster with Remote Upload function (of password protected site)
  12. pulkitpopli2004

    can i make my pendrive copy protected

    Hello TDF guyz.. I need your help. I have a Kingston 2 GB pendrive. I want that no body can copy the files from my pendrive without a password or something. Can you tell me is this possible or not? and if yes, How can i make my pendrive copy protected?
  13. ithehappy

    How to make a file write protected?

    I wanna give away an app to a person which i would like to be write protected. I mean, i won't allow the person to have the option to share it with other persons. How can i do that? Is it only possible with CD/DVD? or as well with Pen drive or other storage devices? Please inform me, i really...
  14. mohityadavx

    Make website copy protected

    How could one make website copy protected like this Instructions issued to Examiners will now be disclosed under RTI I was doing a case law search and accidentally came upon this. I do not get the option to select the text. How could I do this?
  15. V

    write protected

    I have a 4GB i-ball pen drive which is write protected. I can read the files but i cannot delete/move/copy from the pen drive, even formatting s not possible. how do i remove write protected and format the drive? Thanks!
  16. justme101

    how to open a password protected 7z file???

    OK it's not as simple as it sounds . I have a file which is a 7z SFX file with a .exe extention which means that it is an executable file which will extract it's contents when you open it. But i made it password protected :x I might have mistyped the password when i was creating it coz...
  17. Gaurav265

    need software to rip protected vcd

    i have a original movie vcd(eagle entertainment) and it was protected so ,we cant copy it directly.so, i need a good software that can copy the movie.i have tried dvd decryptor,game copy,nero etc nothing works.in vcd there is a software tht i have excute it to play the movie and movie is only...
  18. B

    pageindex changed event in gridview

    How to handle the pageindexChanged in gridview in asp.net in the following code? protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { ob.conn(); gridview(); } public void gridview() { ob.grdv("select * from user_album where user_id='" +...
  19. bajaj151

    How to download Online Videos ?

    I want to download embedded videos in one of my coaching class site... I already tried : Jaksta IDM Youtube downloader WM Recorder (Error: DRM Protected).........but can't able to download Is there any other way to download videos ???
  20. B

    How to disable access to windows once my software loads up

    I have got a gaming software and i want only this software to be accessible to viewers once windows boot up so that no user can accidentally format the system or remove it. Off course there would be access to windows function but through a password protected login or similar. can anyone guide me...
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