1. S

    windows server 2003

    hai friends, I want to know that is there is any way so that i could allow only certain range of IP address to access my FILE SERVER. tell me the procedure if any? thanks in advance:-o
  2. D

    How to buy softwares online- pls help

    How can I buy Original Software Online. Can trial version be converted into Full paid version by paying online. What is the legal procedure to do that. I m interested in Antivirus Products to buy online.
  3. sukesh1090

    Automatic Download

    Hello. I have BSNL 500c plan(Night Unlimited). So i want the procedure to start computer automatically, start download automatically in utorrent and so on. I'm not able to find that thread. So please kindly anyone post the url, or tell the procedure in brief. Thank You in advance! :)
  4. Power_user_EX

    GacialPower PSU RMA in India ?

    I wanna know if PSUs from GacialPower can be RMA'd in India itself or i have to send it to Taiwan. Either way i wanna know the procedure ...
  5. S

    What’s the procedure of applying MBA Banking & Finance

    What’s the procedure of applying for MBA in Banking & Finance course in Sikkim Manipal Uni...., Is it online or do we have to go to the learning centre
  6. IronCruz

    Change username

    Please tell me the procedure to change my username. Ie Ive PaiGirish currently. I want to change it into something else.
  7. clmlbx

    got 7.5k which phone ?

    well I am looking forward to Nokia 5230 ? any other phones I should look for How to use gps? what is procedure to activate it or so and what is damage
  8. S

    Office 2010 Rearm

    Hi Guys!! Well I have 2 days left for activation of office 2010 ver. 14.0.4760.1000 64bit running on win7 ultimate 64 bit. When I tried to rearm as per the procedure i get the following error. plz help have just 2 days left.
  9. H

    lynx-india and PayPal...

    Hi Everyone, I want to place an order through The thing is that I have to pay through PayPal. I read the payment section of lynx-india. But did not understand much. Could anyone here explain me the procedure! Thanks!
  10. go4saket

    Dual Boot with Win XP & Win 7?

    Hello friends! I have a system with Windows XP SP3 installed n my C drive. I have multiple partitions and I am willing to install Win 7 on my D Drive thereby making my PC a dual boot system with Win XP & Win 7. I do the procedure to installing two OS in two different partitions as I have...
  11. max_demon

    Reliance CDMA Querry

    Hello friends my Reliance CDMA phone also went dead , it was normally useless set but the phone number was very important to me . what is the procedure to get the phone number back and how much it will cost?
  12. als2

    Procedure For RMA seagate Harddisk

    hi friends so after 3 years of using 80 gb seagate harddisk ,it developed some bad sector and now my computer hangs ,also speed got reduced.(sometimes transfer rate is 1mbps) so thinking of replacing as warranty is till 2011 so can anyone tell me the procedure. i am from New Delhi janak...
  13. A

    I need a good DVD Rom

    Hello 1. I need a good DVD ROM + Writer. I was considering the AD-7240S from Sony at Rs.1500. Is it a good choice? Please help. 2. I have bought a new RAM. For installing it, should I just plug out the old one and attach the new one or is there a specific procedure. That's all for...
  14. A

    NTvdm setting Err

    sir, I have problem when i am running C language prgagrame the computer shows following errors: NTDVM setting of processor does not support the program, Please give me proper solution with procedure. Thanks.
  15. R

    vb 6 SP6 : Procedure too long

    topic close ty : topic close
  16. O

    over clocking cpu

    i don't know how to overclock a cpu? i'm operating dell inspiran 1525. please tell me the procedure to overclock my lap..:o:o:o:o
  17. RCuber

    BSNL PrePaid to PostPaid Conversion

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I can change my existing BSNL prepaid connection to a post paid one. I want to know the procedure. :) .. I hope BSNL provides this facility. ahem.. anybody home!!
  18. A

    booting procedure of unix/linux

    can anyone give me a link for booting procedure of unix/linux?
  19. zegulas

    Sony Cybershot DSC W5 as a webcam.

    My friend has the Sony Cybershot DSC W5, he wants to use it as a webcam, what is the procedure?
  20. sushan

    Need to make winxp bootable cd

    DEar frens, I need to keep one winxp bootable cd,please suggest me what the procedure. Thanks Sushan
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