1. V

    multiple uploading ...........

    plz tell me the procedure for multiple uploading............
  2. N

    6 months industrial training abroad

    i am doing computer engineering and i want to know if i can do the six month training abroad? if yes, what would be the procedure for that?
  3. rameeze

    Drive dosent open

    whenever i double click on D: drive, Open With.... dialog box opens what is procedure to solve this problem
  4. T

    user creation in linux

    Hi Friends, how to create new user in linux tell me detailed procedure n how to find user id number n group id number....
  5. R

    how to search wallpapers using resolution?

    Hi all.. I need to search the JPEGs in my local disk by entering resolution. How can I do that? If anyone knows, kindly post the procedure. Thanks in advance.:smile:
  6. Krazy Bluez

    Making your own personalised Orkut "THEME"

    Please note that you cannot install your own "THEME" in Orkut but however you can sure change the background picture using GreaseMonkey which is only applicable to Firefox.:D * Click here to install GreaseMonkey. * A small window will pop-up as shown below. Click install. * Now...
  7. A


    I am working on an encryption which is directed encrypting ONLY text. My problem is how to test this encryption. i.e. How can i test, how difficult this encryption is? How an encryption is are tested, any procedure? anyone?
  8. M

    how to cnvrt a thread into "sticky"?

    i hv a thread...named "best antivirus"...which has over 5000 views...and about 200 posts... i think its preety compatible for being a sticky i donno hw to do it??\ wat is the procedure..!?? thnks in advance manan
  9. sravan

    pendrive booting

    I want to boot xp from a pendrive can any one explain the procedure?
  10. G

    bootable dvd

    i want to make a bootable dvd of win xp along with some device drivers and application software, but don't know how. so, please suggest me the procedure of it
  11. avtarkaint

    tell me the procedure

    i want a software to capture video from web cam whom i m chatting from, is it possible if yes tell me the procedure to record it
  12. drgrudge

    How to register a 2 character .in domain?

    I want to buy a 2 character .in domain which when checked was available. Is it possible to register one? And what's the procedure and cost? Thanks!
  13. pritish_kul2


    Heylo,, I just didn't get it how to change the thumbnail of a picture. Can anyone explain me with step by step procedure and which software to use?
  14. R

    internet from lg c2500

    plz nebdy tell me how i can connect to internet thru gprs on airtel sim on my LG C2500 mobile. i have received a data cable with it to connect to computerand i have modem driver for it But i m not able to use internet thru it on the computer So plz prrovide me the steps or procedure to do so...
  15. T

    Lan Connection

    Hi Friends I Want To Know How To Establish A Lan Connection B/wtwo Sytems Tell Me A Clear Procedure Its Urgent Please....
  16. D

    Computer/IT magazines in india

    HI one of my friend recently got a job in college as IT lab technician. He requested to head of department that there should be some IT/Computer magazines in library where students can update their knowledge & learn something new. HoD agreed and now they are subscriber of Digit and Chip.but he...
  17. T

    Lan Connection

    Hi, I Want To Know How Lan Connection S Done Between Two System How The Should Be Made Please Tell Me The Procedure.....
  18. mad1231moody

    How to burn Divx ?

    Friends I have got 700mb divx files. I want to burn them o that I can play it on a DVD player(divx). Please tell me the procedure ;)
  19. G


    How to take the image of the Hard disk and which software will helpful to take the image of the Hard Disk and also let me procedure to take the image of the harddisk.
  20. raksrules

    Syncing SE w800i with iTunes

    How can i sync my w800i with iTunes ? I had read somewhere that it is possible to sync SE K750i with iTunes and the whole procedure was also mentioned and thus wanted to try the same with my w800i.
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