1. V

    Warranty on WD external HDD bought online

    Is the 3 year warranty on WD My Passport Ultra valid when it is bought on flipkart / amazon? I will be buying on flipkart where seller is "RetailNet" What is the procedure to get a replacement in such cases? Edit: What if it is bought at a Reliance Digital store locally?
  2. D

    Refilling hp 802 black and colour cartridge

    I have a inkjet printer hp 1010. I want to refill the empty cartridges myself. Googling gave method for refilling of the cartridges but procedure to reset inklevels couldnot be found. If any of our forum members have knowledge of the procedure for resetting 802 cartridges kindly share at this...
  3. K

    Windows on Mac

    I need help installing Windows on my Mac. I have a Macbook Air running Mac OS ver 10.9.2. I want to install Windows 7/8 on my Mac using Boot Camp Assistant. Can someone help me by running through the entire procedure and requirements? All help is appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
  4. A

    RE: Photo Editing

    How to make Black and White<B/W> photo colourful..... and plz tell the procedure and software to do it (sorry for bad english)
  5. powerhoney

    [Query] Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB RMA procedure

    Hey guys, My erstwhile Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB bought a couple of years back started malfunctioning... All it does if I connect it is blink... Now, the LEDs blinking suggest an error according to the Freeagent GO manual... I tried connecting it to some other PCs too but to no avail...
  6. S

    Phone Bricking Problem Urgent Help

    Guys I was using a Micromax A110 Canvas 2, I recently heard that micromax had officially launched jelly bean for my phone. So I googled online how to update my OS. Followed the procedure as per this website, | DIY: Upgrade Micromax A110 Canvas 2 To Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean...
  7. S

    rooting and Flashing Wondermedia WM8650

    Hi All!! I want to know if it is possible to root and flash a Wondermedia wm8650 with a custom ROM. It was bought from Bangkok. If yes, please provide procedure to fo the same. WonderMedia Technologies, Inc. Thanks in Advance!!! Shiva
  8. reddick

    PSP Games on Android Phone

    Hi Guys! I've read somewhere tht some selective titles of PSP or PSP Vita can b played on Android Phone. Is it true? If yes, then what is the procedure and how can we do that :?: BTW I have 'Sony Xperia U' on Ver. 4.0.4 Thanks Anyways :)
  9. ramakanta

    Lock The Internet

    Is there any procedure to Lock the internet . Please help me .. :oops:
  10. ramakanta

    PC as a Web Server

    I want to make my own web server, means my computer into web server. I have ADSL Modem and also has a internet connectivity. are there any procedure to do this . if possible . please learn me with step by step procedure. thank you.
  11. ramakanta

    Know the Gaphics Memory

    There are lot of softwares available to know the motherbord's Graphics memory. But is there any manual procedure to know the how much graphics memory , in Win 7 and XP. Thank you.
  12. H

    please help i m going to buy a tv from dubai

    hi this is himanshu touching u for ur valuable suggestions.. one of my friend is going to dubai for a trip this january.. i m planning to buy a samsung LED or PLASMA tv ranging from 40-46 inches.. please tell me which one should i go for and what is d procedure to take the piece in dubai and...
  13. ramakanta

    download thread

    is there any procedure to download my posted thread in this forum??
  14. H

    [UrGent] Rooting procedure for Micromax Superfone A52

    As in July Fast Track it is given that rooting of android mobile is very easy & helpful, But I have tried many methods out there to root my MMX A52 mobile but I failed. I want to root my mobile to free up some spaces of internal memory by deleting some unwanted apps. Can any body help me here...
  15. bajaj151

    Change Plan : MTNL Broadband

    I want to change plan from 999 combo to 999. I tried calling 1504 but no one replied... Is there any other procedure to change the plan ?? What are the extra charges for 999 combo.... ?
  16. C

    How to use this?

    I tried to add this my account.But i can't? It came with Digit Book. Procedure pls.
  17. Blue Ripazah

    harddisk. data lost again

    Guys my hard disk crashed second time in 7 months of its purchase .....just becoz of changing sata ports from one to another.....can somebody explain me the procedure to get it os a segate barcuda 7200.12.....500gb hdd
  18. Blue Ripazah

    [Query] Seagate RMA

    Guys my hard disk crashed second time in 7 months of its purchase .....just becoz of changing sata ports from one to another.....can somebody explain me the procedure to get it replaced
  19. Neo

    Quora invite??

    Hello. I need a Quora invite so i thought someone out here can help me. Please send me an invite or tell me the procedure or whatever. thanx
  20. pro

    Toshiba Bluetooth Troubles!

    Hi I am having trouble with my Toshiba Bluetooth stack. I want to use my nokia bluetooth phone with my win7 Toshiba laptop,but whenever I try to open the blutooth settings I get this error: The procedure entry point BtDiscoverRemoteEIRDataList could not be located in the dynamic likn...
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