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  1. R

    Cheap and best i7 and suitable motherboard.

    Guys I want to built a desktop for video editing and for that I need a cheap and best intel i7 4th or 3rd gen proccy and suitble motherboard. If possible advice for a hard disc also needed.please help me.
  2. cute.bandar

    Will AMD X4 750k proccy launch in India

    So I was checking out some reviews of processors. And this one looks perfect for my needs. But it doesn't seem available in India anywhere. atleast online it isn't available. Anyone know when and if this proccy will launch in India ...
  3. S

    MB required for Core 2 Duo Processor

    Dear All, Please suggest me a MB which is compatible with Core 2 Duo proccy. Which will also support ddr2 ram also. Thanks
  4. powerstarprince

    Need to build PC in 25k

    Hello guys, i don't have to answer any questionaire for it's not the first time i'm gonna try this. But to be short i need to get all the components to build a PC in 25k.. Except for the keyboard, mouse and speakers i'll be buying all the other components. I have researched for sometime and...
  5. soyab0007

    AMD Phenom II x4 840 Processor

    I am planning to upgrade my Athlon x2 250 proccy, have come across a deal of AMD Phenom II x4 840 Processor. A member on other forum selling his 2 years old proccy at 2.9k.. Will it be a good upgrade? Other components of my PC: Gigabyte GA 78 motherboard Gigabyte 7770 HD Seagate 1tb HDD...
  6. O

    ASUS P8H61-MLX3 good for g630 ?

    Is this motherboard good the proccy ? available for 2700 in nehru place. Or should i go for Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 which is available for 3000. my budget is 4500 but i'm confused and don't know which MB will be good for the proccy.
  7. Dew

    Hp G6 2005ax alternatives

    Hi folks, i was looking to buy a laptop with a decent gpu within 35k, zeroed on the hp g6'05, i went to a local multibrand retailer today... I saw the following smilarly priced competitors there... Lenovo g580 xxxx : new launch,Great build quality Proccy : i3 3110 Ram : 4gb Gpu : 630m...
  8. nseries73

    Overclocking my proccy AMD PHENOM II X4 945

    Can any help me in overclocking my CPU, am a novice :-? !!!! Well its 2yr 9mths old proccy, and I want to overclock it. Can you guys give me detailed steps to follow, and also mentioning the required softwares, any harware purchases ( heat sink etc....) or something (then mention the model also)...
  9. Arnab boss

    new gamming rig build..!!!!!

    hi..,my rig is 2 yrs old and ow i feel to upgrade to a new one...!! i wiilll b only keeping psu,monitor,hdds and wireless keyboard and mouse from my current rig..!! now i m confused to which proccy to choose...amd or intel...?? i hav been using amd for 2 yrs without any problems..so...
  10. N

    Suggest me an Android phone

    Guys, I'm thinking of giving up on my beloved X6 and buy an Android phone ranging from 20-25K. Requirements would be: awesome screen, dual-core proccy (or a quad) and great GPU. And of course, good camera. I'm good with any of the companies, I just need a good phone. Please halp!
  11. M

    [Want to Buy] second gen i5 intel proccy

    I wanted to buy any second gen/third gen(ivy) i5 proccy.. i5 2300, 2400, 2500k or non-k. budget- within 9k warranty-preferrable to ship to hyderabad pm me your offers urgent necessity
  12. C

    Integrated graphics support

    Hello guys, The mobo - gigabyte ga-g41m combo , says yes to integerated graphics while the proccy Intel 2.6 GHz LGA775 Celeron E3400 Processor no to it So is this mobo - proccy combination possible?
  13. C

    Is type of ram to be used decided by proccy or mboard

    I am yet to buy an intel pentium g620 proccy for my gigabyte ga- h61 d2h Motherboard. The motherboard says it can support ddr3 rams with speed 800,1066,1333 MHz. But the website for the proccy shows only 1066 in its memory section. Now my question is whether I can buy a ram of speed 1333...
  14. Q

    Upgrade for mother board and processor.

    Hello guys. I have ~4 years old PC with following specs; Processor- P4 Motherboard: Intel 945G RAM: 2GB DDR3 HDD: 320 GB OS: windows 7. Graphics card: ASUS EN210 SILENT 1GB I got this mother along with graphics card upgraded 2 months back. But since proccy is very low end and i...
  15. K

    Suggest a GPU

    Guys, Suggest me a GPU for a budget of 15k. I need to play BF3 on ultra settings. My config: MOBO - ASUS M3N78-EM ( onboard GPU 8300GS 512MB) Proccy - phenomx4 9650 @ 2.3Ghz Memory - 4GB DDR2 Transcend 800Mhz HDD - seagate 500GB Cabby - Frontech cherry. PSU - Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600...
  16. M

    Help in Choosing Proccy and Motherboard

    guys need your help in choosing only a motherboard and processor Budget: 25k Use: video editing and adobe suite (premiere, after effects, combustion) .. Components: either a 2500k or a 2600k as proccy and the motherboard in the remaining money Lesser cost the better.. but not...
  17. kartikoli

    Sandy Bridge i5 setup proccy | mobo

    i am looking for i5 cpu and mobo PM your offers i am from Lucknow
  18. avichandana20000

    i7 proccy

    what is the highest level I7 2ND GENERATION EXTREME EDITION PROCESSOR FOR DESKTOP? Is it 2600K or something other?
  19. prvprv

    advise a mobo, proccy, ram

    I was not clear in the first post. so I edited it now. I want to build a rig for my dad with existing components hdd, cabinet, monitor etc. I want to buy a new Mobo, proccy and ram for this purpose Usage of the system is mostly web surfing. my budget is 5k advise any good mobo...
  20. T

    Mob + Proccy + Ram Combo Req

    Budget: 19K Have a VX450, GTS 250, a 19" LG LCD and a CM Elite Case with 2 HDDs. Current Proccy: C2D E7300 2.66 GHz Mobo: Intel DG31PR Ram: 2GB DDR2 Trancend. Basically this system is 2 yrs old. Basic use is gaming and Internet thats all. Want a significant boost in performance. I am...
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