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  1. gameranand

    Changing Primary Email ID everywhere

    Guys I have registered to many sites using my current email ID. Is there anyway to change all of them to my new ID in one go ??? Are you sure that every site has option to change the primary email ID of account ????
  2. S

    laptop battery of xps15

    how much battery back up does 90 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery gives i heard it gives 8-9hrs back up is that true?
  3. Gaurav265

    gaming platform war

    dont tell anything vote your primary gaming platform.my----PC
  4. S

    Extending a primary partition !

    Hi, I want to extend my primary partition ( C) on which the OS is installed . See below : When i try to extend C , extend volume option is grayed out . As you can see i have a free contiguous space of 37 GB next to C . What is the problem ??:confused:
  5. A


    1. Budget - 15000 2. Display type and size - no preference 3. Form Factor- no preference 4. Preferred choice of brand-any brand 5. Preferred input method -either touchscreen or qwerty 6. What camera option you want - primary and secondary both cameras ..flash autofocus 7. Preferred...
  6. V

    Suggestion for buying new mobile

    Hi i wanted to buy new mobile over this month... These are my specs. 1) Budget----->18-20k 2) Display type and size---4 inch 3) Preferred input method--touchscreen 4) Preferred operating system-Andriod 5) Primary use of handset -multimedia n camera Please suggest some nice options i...
  7. O

    Need suggestion on using SATA HDD on 845gv mobo as primary

    Hello All, Am new to this forum , while searching for some information about hardware I found his forum. My 40 gb hdd stopped working, now am in confusion whether to buy a new IDE HDD 80GB which is around 2250 or buy a SATA 250 GB and use it with the help of PCI sata adapter. Also If I...
  8. kartikkapo

    Nokia Mobile Replacement [5630 XM]

    hello guys, I had Nokia 5630 handset which stopped working and now the Nokia Care is replacing it with a brand new 5800. Should i go with 5800 or should i go with E71 if i don't get E72. can i ask them for a much more better model? My primary requirement is Wifi. Any suggestions and comments...
  9. tkin

    The Official Borderlands Thread

    Hey guys, I'm noticing that some of you are playing Borderlands frequently and liking this game as I am, so I'm opening this thread for all borderlands related queries here, post your Character progress, Builds, Screenshots, Videos and keep all borderlands related discussions in this thread...
  10. P

    XP files on 2 drives

    my system consists of 2 harddrives[160GB SATA+250 GB SATA]. i recently installed winXP x64. during installation i formatted the primary partitions on both the drives and then installed it onto the 250GB's primary partition. but now there are some windows files installed on the primary...
  11. Chetan1991

    Help!! Dell ins. 1564 partition problem

    I've screwed up my laptop . Please help. When I bought my dell inspiron 1564, its hard disk came pre formatted in following setup: part.(ition) 0 100 mb boot, part. 1 30 gb empty, part. 2 30 gb empty n part. 3 240 gb empty. I also have an old P4 machine running xp. On it I had could partition...
  12. K

    Which is better RAM?

    Hey people, Please let me know which would be better option for RAM. 1)12 GB 1333 mhz 2)24 GB 1066 mhz The primary purpose for the pc would be gaming.. Thanks..
  13. G

    need help with partitioning

    Hi guys, needed some help on understanding partitioning..I read that a disk can be divided atmost into 4 primary partitions..with one of them if marked as extended..can be further divided into logical partitions.. but consider my disk management table which i ve posted below.it seems to be...
  14. S

    Drive bit encryption problem with Dell mediadirect

    I have Dell XPS M1530 Core2Duo T8300, 3GB DDR2 RAM, 250GB HDD. Ever since I partitioned my HDD into 2 parts of 112Gb & 117 Gb, I am unable 2 run the Dell mediadirect software. (When the laptop is off and the dell mediadirect button is pressed the software starts as usual but says that the...
  15. hayabusa_ryu

    Problem with my Graphics Card

    Hi friends, I have come with a new problem again. This time with GPU, I have 8400GS. When I select 8400GS as my primary display then system boots but with teared image n also my OS dont boot, it hangs in middle of loading screen forever. But when I select onboard graphics as primary...
  16. clmlbx

    slow Internet in Vista

    Hello Guys I was using vista but not as primary OS But now from couple of weeks I am using vista as my primary os and I have found that my Internet speed is gone 50 % down. First I get 512 kbps speed (50 kbps) but now I only get around 30 kbps.:-(:-x So guys what is the problem any suggestion...
  17. vikasg03

    installing windows 7 issues

    Hi, can anybody install new windows 7 beta into secondry disk?. I tried but it gives error, first install IDE driver, I insert ed my M/B CD, it finds one driver and still it gives the same error, cannot install windows on disk1 partion2 like that. even in primary disk also, in d drive it wont...
  18. gsoul2soul

    SATA HD... hates my Creative sound card?

    I know... lame title!! But that's my problem!! Q1: Should I use my existing IDE (C drive and all)... for Win XP ? or use SATA as the primary and IDE as secondary? (for storage) Q2: When I install Win XP in my SATA (as C drive)... somehow my Creative Sound card won't get installed, the...
  19. R

    Recommendation on Mid-end 5.1 speakers

    Can anyone pls suggest me the best Mid-end 5.1 speaker available? my budget is around 3500RS(or is that low-end?). My primary use is for Music-Movies and then Gaming. Thank you.
  20. MetalheadGautham

    Linux - What apps do you use ?

    I thought I can start this thread to get a general usage feedback about what people really do in their distro. This can help (1) find people who use linux for the same purpose as you, (2) find out the right combinations for a task you have, (3) help newbies decide what to install. Finally, it...
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