1. arun garg

    External hard Disk WDC or Seagate 1 TB

    I want to buy a 1Tb hard disk probably from WDC or Seaagate. But i want a compact and USB powered hard disk. how much is the warranty on these drives and what are there prices.
  2. Charley

    Online Shopping Sites for Computer Accessories

    Can you list sites, so I can compare features, brands, prices, etc ?
  3. C

    help in building best animation workstation that can be easily upgradeble in following 2 to 3 years

    I work on mainly 3dsmax , After effects , photoshop cs6 , gimp , blender , Inkscape , Avid , Dreamweaver softwares, python and php languages . NO Gaming and overclocking needed . I want to build a Workstation for the above needs which is upgradable in further years as the prices drop of...
  4. A

    Need new PC configuration - about 22k without monitor

    Please guide in selecting best suitable configuration considering my equirements. Pls. mention latest prices component wise. Your questionnaire is answered below: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or...
  5. J

    Why are Portable External Hard Drive prices not comming down?

    hi friends, Last year i missed chance when dollar was at 44 after that dollar went to 53 and so wer external hard drive prices.I was looking at 1TB external Hard drive price since Novemeber ideal price is around 5500-5700 but now it is consistently at 6600 and above. In November...
  6. A

    Coolermaster elite 430 sufficient for housing and cooking gtx 670(possible SLI in future)

    Just as the title says will CM Elite 430 do the job or am I hoping for too much? Had to prune my budget due to inflated prices of Hdd and Kepler gpu. P.S. I might another 670 when the prices come down a bit.
  7. cacklebolt

    ebay... trustworthy?

    I was check out prices of sony phones on ebay and to my shock the sell it at throwaway prices.. SE xperia mini pro @ 8990 Sony Xperia Sola @ 17k SE LWW @ 10k my noob question is despite being such a big brand is ebay that trustwothy or is flipkart better?? what are the risks regarding...
  8. Vyom

    SSD prices fall by 48 percent in 2011-2012

    SSD prices fall by 48 percent in 2011-2012 Is this a good sign? Well, I did some analysis to see if the prices shown in above graph is true in Indian market, by taking the prices from Flipkart. My Analysis: ||Claimed in | Article (International |market)|On|Flipkart|| Name|GB|$ per...
  9. H

    HP Laptops

    The HP India website seems not updated with all the laptops in their profile. Can anyone provide the list of all HP laptops which are currently being sold by HP (i.e. which are not discontinued) and their prices?
  10. Sujeet

    Airtel 3G prices reduced !

    Biggest News coming this evening Source LOL Today itself when i went to recharge store for routine recharge The guy informed me that Airtel 3G Prices has dropped realising that i am one of the regular customer of 3G Coupons and I went freaky. Bought 7 ,11rs Cards right away.(~80rs)...
  11. bajaj151

    Graphics Card for 1920*1080

    Resolution : 1920*1080 Should RUN games (Full Settings) : COD, NFS , FIFA etc. Budget : 12K (Can extend, if worth spending more) Is 6850 or 6870 sufficient OR Should I wait for prices to fall ? ?
  12. R

    Clevo Laptops in India

    Hi, i would like to knw if i can purchase a Clevo or a Sager laptop in India They have very good configs and at affordable prices
  13. Vishnupg45

    Gigabyte h77 motherboards availability?

    what happened happened to the gigabyte h77 series motherboards? I cant find any of them in flipkart,theitdepot,theitwares,smcinternational? When they will be released? And expected prices?
  14. M

    Used slr camers in kolkata......

    Guys help me find some Used slr camera with lens.The models i am looking for are Pentax k1000,Nikon FE,Canon AE-1 program.Pls also quote the prices if you can.I dont want to go for online shopping.I live in Durgapur so it would be helpful if it is in and around kolkata.
  15. M

    IPad 3 Indian prices?

    Can anybody post the prices of all models of ipad 3 which has been launched in India today?
  16. V

    Online mobile purchase query

    Hi, Recently i decided to upgrade my mobile ans I as usual went to flipkart and narrowed down my choice to HTC Sensation Then i googled the prices for this phone from other online retailers. I found this online retailer named whose prices were way way cheaper than anything I...
  17. J

    Price help

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me the current prices of the following, preferably Bangalore prices. Prices of other cities also welcome. Processor ----- Intel 3.3 GHz LGA 1155 Core i5-2500K Motherboards ----- Biostar TZ68K+ Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 ASUS P8P67 PRO Gigabyte...
  18. RiGOD

    PC Component prices after Budget 2012

    Will there be considerable changes (hike/drop) in pc hardware prices based on the current budget?
  19. N

    57XX or 68XX or 78XX ?

    i want one among 57XX,68XX and is 78XX released yet for gaming on 20" and 11/12 games with min fps of 30 which one to get ? what are the prices ?
  20. A

    what will replace Athlon II X4? - $100 quadcore VFM CPU

    i was wondering about the replacement of Athlon II X4, which are said to historically one of the most value for money CPUs. mainstream gamers loved it not only because of OCing potential but also low prices which could be just when applications, games are really being programmed to take...
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