1. Ronnie11

    Printer Required for home Use- Budget about 6.5K

    Hey guys, So i need a printer for home use...Now my usage won't be much at all, maybe printing few pages a month. So i do not need a laserjet or so IMO...Though i would welcome any advice on this matter. Now i will be using the printer to print tickers or few office related files etc. So i kind...
  2. N

    Suggestion needed to purchase a new Laptop

    Hello! I want to purchase a Laptop with the budget around Rs.25000. Not much for gaming. Could any one suggest me a right product? Costs of Lenova and Dell are too high. Thanks!
  3. maverick786us

    Corsair HX and AX Series PSUs

    Why are Corsair HX and AX series PSUs insanely priced in indian market? In use the difference between TX series and HX/AX series PSUs is from 14 to 44 US$ and over here the prices are insane
  4. bssunilreddy

    1 Lakh Gaming PC (Haswell Chipset based)

    Hi, 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:Games: FPS like COD Series,MOH Series,Battlefield Series...
  5. funskar

    EA to increase PC game prices

    EA to increase PC game prices in India We tweeted a rumour yesterday about a possible price hike in EA's PC games in India. We’ve now received word from the publisher confirming the same. We had heard from a source around E3 that EA might be looking to re-price PC games in India closer to...
  6. B

    [Want to Buy] Used i5 2nd/3rd Gen Laptop

    Hello Friends! I am looking to buy used i5 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen laptop with 15.6" inches screen in excellent working condition. So quote me your best prices so that we may proceed with the deal. Thanks: Location: Amritsar,Punjab
  7. A

    Thinkpad from Lamington Road

    hi, i've set my eyes on Thinkpad e430, corei5/2gb ram/500gb hdd/ link to the product is: * My dilemma, the local prices in pune for it are 41k, even flipkart qoutes it at same range, when i...
  8. Ironman

    4770k or take a 3770k right now ?

    Should i wait for 4770k or take a 3770k right now ? A Taste Of Things To Come considering in india things launch here late premium prices for early adopters SO Please help me decide:evil:
  9. F

    Is it just me or?

    The CPU prises are rising crazy high I was planning to buy a CPU in February-March and I have been seeing that the prices are rising? i5 2500k on flipkart is like 14k? i5 3550 is 13k on Flipkart, and 12.5k on SMC (I think this is normal not sure) and i5 3570 is 14.6k on flipkart.. I have a...
  10. V


    the frequency of 3rd gen i3 and i5 intel processors is comparable(2.4ghz and 2.5 ghz),the prices however have a difference of around 5000.practically how are they different?
  11. S

    price of Levovo y580

    I am seriously confused on the price tag of lenovo y580 . in some sites its is around 47k and in some around 59 k or 68k ,some please tell a correct price.
  12. clinton

    Need A new Portable Drive..

    Hello friends,I ve been thinking of buying a new Portable drive for quite sum time now & I must say I'd nvr expected d prices to be so swirling.Just a month back I'd inquired at Vashi the price was 4700 for d WD MY Passport 1TB and I was relieved to c dat d prices were finally receding after...
  13. clinton

    Need a new Portable Drive

    Hello friends,I ve been thinkin of buyin a new Portable drive for quite sum time now & I must say I'd nvr expected d prices to be so swirling.Just a month back I'd inquired at Vashi the price was 4700 for d WD MY Passprt 1TB and I was relieved to c dat d prices were finally recedin after so...
  14. B

    audio speaker sugetions

    Speaker for music+movie+gaming. i am leaning for logitech z506 5.1. how is it? any sugetions other than that? also specify the prices. budget around 5k
  15. anirbandd

    HD7750 / HD7770 & CX430V2 Price in KOLKATA

    SHOP CARD MANUFACTURER HD7750 1 FAN (Rs.) HD7750 2 FAN (Rs.) HD7770 1 FAN (Rs.) HD7770 2 FAN (Rs.) 660Ti (Rs.) HD7870 HD7950 HD6670 EASTERN LOGICA INFOWAY LTD. XFX 6750 9000 EASTERN LOGICA INFOWAY LTD. SAPPHIRE 6600 8000 16500 20500 5400 EASTERN LOGICA INFOWAY LTD. Zotac 20100...
  16. abhijit_reddevil

    Iphone 4/4S prices slashed in India

    Iphone 4 8GB now at Rs.26500 Iphone 4S 16GB now at Rs.38500 Iphone 3GS will be out of production in India. Also... Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5, the fastest selling smartphone ever, in India on October 26. It was earlier reported that the 16GB variant of iPhone 5 will cost around...
  17. R

    Best In-Ear under1.5k (in store prices i.e not online shopping prices )

    Guyz ! i was using Creative Ep-630 with my Creative Zen player and used it with many other phones and my laptop too .. and was quite happy but now one of the ear piece sounds low as compare to other one .. i have been using these in-ear from past 2 years .. now i definitely want another one...
  18. N

    Samsung Laptop Confusion

    What is the difference between the two laptops displayed on the bottom link Samsung Laptops - Buy Samsung Laptops Online at Best Prices in India:
  19. R

    PLease see THIS!!

    Please suggest the cheapest motherboard with usb 3.0 for 3rd generation core i5.. And a amd graphic card under 5K for the same.. mention prices also please
  20. A

    Need suggestion for 1TB/2TB HDD purchase

    I am from Kolkata and planning to buy a 1TB/ 2TB HDD. Can someone let me know what are the prices of 1TB/2TB HDD in local market (Chandni Chowk) or online. Let me know both internal and external prices Which one will be good - Seagate or WD? Both having 3 years warranty? Pls let me know model...
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