Where'd my posts go?

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Hello! :)
I don't generally pay attention to my posts because I know I am one of the topmost posters anyway but I couldn't ignore something I noticed yesterday.

A day or two ago, I'd just crossed the three thousand milestone. Shantanu had mentioned it so I remember it. And now suddenly, I am well short of that mark. How so?



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Many old threads are pruned away. I believe they are the locked threads. So, your posts within that threads are gone. This is quite normal and nothing to worry about. Pruning is done often but we usually don't realise about it.


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for me,my (new)posts sometimes got deleted,esp reg M$.i know how :rolleyes: @help_is_here also took notice of the few post(s) of mine which got deleted.that's how i noticed.


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And again to say and add. Does the number of posts here count ?
You are only as good as your present post :D or the Last for that.


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not concerned about post counts duddo,the content i posted that was matter for pro_M$ police :D K?


well the posts arya and gx make are in chit-chat or fight club, i think those arent counted..

and well my post count was also decreased some dayz back.. :)
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