What's wrong with the forums.??

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Pee into the Wind...
I had created a thread Problem with wmv files in ubuntu. which had got some 10 replies and 80-odd views by today noon.But now I see only one reply and 17 views.Some of my posts in other threads are missing too.Anyone else facing this similiar situation.?? :confused:
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dá ûnrêäl Kiñg
yeah, looks like digit forum hav time traveled to the past :D.
All post made today are gone..................


Deadman Walking
yes, we are experiencing some technical problems with today's think digit posts, i even not getting single thread of today and all my posts today are completely disabled, don't worry mods or admins may already take care


The Devil
My 2 days post are gone!!
Infact, I was just creating a thread about this, when I noticed you had already posted.


Pee into the Wind...
Nah...no problems in editing.everything seems to be working fine at the moment.Might digit have experienced a server breakdown.??


i guess the forum was backed up to some restore point.. as the users unbanned were automatically banned again


ELECTRO is here!!
I hope they restore back the posts..
I had a poll on both my threads and now even the votes have disappeared ..

So, for those who haven't viewed my threads, here are the links:

Would u dare to buy a phone without bill: *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76790

k790i or k810i :*www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76406

Go ahead guys....express urself and don't forget to vote
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