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Digit Geek of the Week Award

This is what all have been waiting for! Since the thread started for the noob of the week section has been becoming popular, I decided that there must be an offitial Geek of the Week award too(it rimes well).:D


1. Originality

The post needs to be an original one. Not a carbon copy of another FAQ or guide. Good sensible reviews, great tips, etc will qualify for this. An example is the ubuntu customisation guide. Guides to softwares, self made software, etc are also symbols of originality.

2. Content
  • The content needs to be somehting that is worth this award.
  • It must showcase exeptional qualities like great/unique ideas, ease of application in real life, helpfullness, etc.
  • freeness of the software suggested is important, because anything that can be done free of cost with a freeware, instead of by using a paid software is as good as earning the money needed to buy the paidware. A penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Also, good arguements in debates qualify for this.
  • Usually, the above means that Stuff in the Technological/Random news section can't make it here.
3. Grammar, Language and Layout
  • The grammar needs to be good.
  • The language should also be of a decent class.
  • The content needs to be well presented.
  • The choice of formatting of the text is also important.
  • Screenshots, code examples, etc add to the quality
  • Anything visually pleasing is a definite positive.

Criteria for Qualification:
  1. Posts need to be made in the past one week. Exeptions are still allowed.
  2. Posts need to be ORIGINAL, but they can also be from one's own site
  3. Posts posted by Administrators are not allowed, as they are paid for such posts
  4. Posts by banned/deleted/erring members are disqualified(debatable)
The Award:
  1. it can be given to multiple persons if found worthy enough
  2. the post may also featured in the magazine, if the admins agree to it.
  3. The winner(s) gets a different colour for username, and get(s) featured in the forum leaders board.
  4. The winner(s) gets an all expence paid trip to his toilet
  5. The winner(s) are chosen by the forum members, moderatora and administrators and the selection is subjected to a lot of debate and flaming.
  6. In case of a large number of useful posts by a single person, he obviously adds to the chance of his being selected as the GotheW
  1. People can be nominated in this post.
  2. They will be discussed here and listed on this post.
  3. And ofcource, here self nomination is allowed.


<yet to come>
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fun2sh said:
mY VOTE GOES for Vishal n Choto
Do you know what a guy voting for dudes that haven't even been nominated yet called?:)
And where are the posts that have been nominated?
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MetalheadGautham said:
The winner(s) gets a special title and is featured in the forum leaders board.
What title? Anyone can edit their title. I've asked the Admins for featuring in Forum Leaders, but they said NO as it would "increase" their work load. :-?


Since self is allowed
let me announce Thread of the Year At Digit forum ! ( hence you might conisder me as a smaller nominee for this competetion )

with 40k+ hits and continuing .... it will soon be the most ever viewed thread in Mobile Monster Section ..! surpassing those boring stickies !!

In 3 Months it has hit 40k readers .. while the stickies have taken 3 years or soo to reach 48k

03-08-2005 >> Default Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, Applications/Softwares & Games 48k hits

03-06-2005 >> Default ALL LAPTOP RELATED QUERIES HERE ! ! ! 48k hits

then finally comes to digit forum is

02-09-2007 >> Tutorial: Flash k550 to w610 !! 40k hits

See the dates !!

Then comes another very important fact !! 60+ Members Joined Think Digit Forum just to participate in that lone thread !

Yes 60+ !!

You can just see the no of people of who have posted there and are from other parts of the world with posts just in that thread all joined after that great thread was created !!

More over i got many PMs from others who did not post there .. may be Admins can make an arrangement to bring here !

Behind the success is strong marketing and advertising by the genius himself ;) :grin:

So with the number of views in just 3 months and No of people who just joined digit forum (60) for that thread its the thread of the year ...! (According to Me, Keeping number 60 in mind ;))

Well Sorry for going off topic .. about My thread of the year (may be you don't think so)
Geek of the year and each and every week toh is Choto ! no one else comes close !!
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I made still more edits to the post.
I think we can nominate the Ubuntu Customisation Guide, and the Basic Guide To Purchase a New System here.

wow! what enthusiasm to prove your geekiness! 15 posts already:rolleyes:
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CadCrazy said:
Very good idea. Will create lot of enthusiasm among forum members
I seriously doubt it. People are more intent on BECOMING the NOTW and posting for posting's sake, instead of putting bandwidth to good use.

piyush gupta

Cyborg Agent
CadCrazy said:
Sabhi ek jaise nahin hote.Digit forum mein insaniyat abhi bhi zinda hai :D

Kahan per hai :D:D:D humko toh nahin dekh rahi hai..

In past 15 hours this thred got only 20posts as compared to much posts at NOTW
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