Linux!! Which is your favorite flavour?

Which Linux distro do u like most?

  • Ubuntu

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  • Suse

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  • Knoppix ;-)

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  • Mandrake

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  • Linspire

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  • ELX

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Oh there have been polls like this before, anyway, I think the list misses four other popular distro's - Slackware, Debian, Arch Linux and Gentoo.

I would vote for Arch Linux.


Its not arch linux its ark linux.

Not at all! They both exist, but I meant Arch Linux for sure.

It sort of takes the best features from the other three I mentioned ... it follows slackware style simplicity in its init scripts and other working, has an excellent binary package manager like Debian, and allows a good way to recompile software with custom options and compiler flags, a little like gentoo. Its main branch is i686 optimised, which means that it is optimised for Pentium II/Athlon and above. Its harder to use than slackware or debian (because configuration of hardware and some basic settings have to be done manually), but discounting that I find it the best distribution to grace this earth.


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Yeah .. seriously ... this poll is useless without Debian option

Almost 90% linux users in my college are Debian Fans .. and the fact that our college has one of the Debian Mirrors installed in LAN makes updating lightening fast.
Real cool !!

( I have FC4. Didnt feel like uninstalling it for another installation )


Satissh S

SuSe Linux Rulezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the Yast That Seperates it from other flavours.
Of course yes radhat and mandrake have good Admin tools too but SuSe 9.3 all the way.
This is my first post almost after a month. Thanks to BSNL broadband, I configured my nvidia card , my creative webcam , my winprinter (canon i255), and even TV card and got it working. And believe or NOT i didn't know a bash command a month back. But one month with SuSe has changed me... Their User and Admin Guides really helped me learn a lot about linux.
I have tried almost 7 flavours of linux from
Redhat 9
Fc3 and Fc4
to Ark Linux
But I feel that for a linux newbie who wants to get started quickly with linux and learn to use the power and flexibility that command line offers... SuSe Linux is an Awesome Option. :) :D


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have heard that the gentoo forums are the most informative ones around. of course you are plunging into linux with gentoo, rather than getting your feet wet like with other distros :p
i like debian too. easy software install/update/removal. no dependancy hell :p


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How can anyone like Fedora!! The most sickening distro imho.

In rpm world, suse is THE BEST
In debian world, I prefer Kubuntu over all others.

I would love to have loved Debian but guys its SOOOOOO OUTDATED!! I like latest, newest stuff so.........

Once more: Fedora is AWFUL!! Those who use it plz give me good reasons why u use it when such excellent choice like Suse is available! If u want eclipse, download it from its site....its 99 MB download...once u download it, u won't have to install it...just click on the executable and u go!!


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And I HATE Gnome...KDE is so much no Ubuntu for me..but of course Ubuntu is a good distro:)


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Fedora is a hardcore operationg system.I don`t think its awful.What problems did you have with it ?I am sure it will less than the plus points..


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Well, I've voted for Fedora here cos of all the distros listed here that's the only one i've used. I've used Suse 9.1 PE but its more like a demo version. But, now i'm using slackware. It seems to be even better than Fedora Core. Fedora is a very friendly distro and hastle free but slackware, though more difficult is fun. Its teaching me something new everyday( I'm no linux guru i'm just a newbie as far as linux is concerned learning things everyday). I've just moved to Slackware a few days ago and have become its fan.
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