Hard Disk Capacity

What is your total Hard Disk capacity?

  • 40 GB to 80Gb

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  • 81Gb to 160 Gb

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  • 161Gb to 250GB

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  • more than 250Gb

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what actually total capacity means, does it mean sum of all hard disk that one have!

If that is so then my hdd capacity is

= (80+16+2)


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Does the HD's have to be connected? I use spare HD's to store stuff on like DVD movies I rent and want to watch later i just copy it to an external HD and put in away until I have time. Or music files I am not using etc. :> With 160GB HD's now around 4000, unless you have a few terabytes no ones going to be impressed.


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see my siggie to see my capacity.....

It is 160Gb Sata and 120 gb pata= 280gb

You know out of this capacity now i have only 5GB left.... Seems that i need to add new one.......


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I hve a single 20Gb lol, gonna change my computer in a week. So then will b having 160Gb SATA. I think thats enough for me now.

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Bhakt jano!
Hum Jaise Mahapurush to apna kaam 80 GB Hard Disk se chalate hain. :D
Humko 160 GB ki khwahish nahi hai, 200 GB ki khwahish nahi hai, Moh maya mein hum padna nahi chahte...



i have 40 gb hahahaahahahaah..satisfied coz i have that dvd writer does everything as a harddisk (rw)
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