revised poll for for web developers

the most favoured environment for web development.

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here is the revised poll. i dont know about any other. please let me know if i missed any.mind you, i dont know anything about any of the options. i just want to know which is the most popular as i want to go into this.
p.s.:excuse me for my naiveness, but i read somewhere that the new options are based on the older ones. so dont mind if i didnt include the one u like.


Coming back to life ..
I dont have any experience with JRE yet :( .. .Net I found very appealing but it has a built in tendancy to favour MS products and that is something I dont like ..Its a nightmare to access MySQL through ASP.NET ..(at least I found it a nightmare) .. .NET doesnt allowed me to use Apache as the server (Dunno if was asking for some patch ) and said IIS is required ...
The point is MS thinks only Windows platform is in this world and clearly neglect the competition .. I dont like this attitude of theirs ..But you see , its a part of their strategy .. after all their motive is to earn revenue ...

Bottomline .NET with soem modifications ...
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