Tobias Reiper(Hitman) OR Sam Fisher

Who do you Prefer in stealth Action

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So guys, I was wondering who do you prefer in a stealth Action game..

I am throwing a Poll here to check who got more Fans in the Digit Gamers

Hitman aka Codename 47 aka Tobias Reiper OR
Sam Fisher.

Both Use stealth weapons..all low noise making gadgets.

Hitman : Silenced Baretta,Knife,Guitar Wire & anything that can be Used as a weapon,Indirect kills like poisioning etc.

Sam fisher : Silenced Desert Eagle,SDK 20k Silenced, all those cool gadgets night vision,thermal vision, sticky cam & list goes on.....

I will appreciate if u can give a good reason for your choice,as i am also confused whom shall i go with....(i am not including any other stealth hero's here as these are the two popular SuperHumans that do not exist officially...)

What do you say ??... Lets reflect it in the Poll.

Let the show Begin.....
Reminder: This poll will end in Next 50 days...


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Sam Fisher has made a mistake using silenced Desert Eagle, because even if he managed to design such a weapon himself, still it would make such a loud noise that enemy would scramble to get him. So I vote for Tobias.


My vote goes to Sam fisher. I am a huge fan of the Splinter Cell series and have played and completed all three games. Plus, who likes a guy who can't even jump ;)


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Woah! So many Sam Fisher fans :shock:
Anyways Me votes for Mah favourite Assasin which is obviously Hitman a.k.a Codename 47 8)
Now when in the hell is that Hitman Movie Due for release :twisted: and please let it be Jason Statham for that role (Sorry Vin :wink:).


i will go for sam fisher,,
hitman is good too.
as for as malee combet+shealth is concerned chronicals of riddick rocks[van diesal rules]


t3h g04t
Hitman contracts was the only game in the series that I liked but it's one of the best games I've played till date, the creators got everything right :mrgreen:
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