POLL: Which Codec is BEST in your eyes ??

Which Codec is BEST ??

  • xVID

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  • WM9Codecs

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  • VSS Video Codec

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  • Nimo Codec Pack

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  • Angelpotion MPEG-4 Codec

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  • Others

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Xvid is the best when it comes to Quality [i feel]
Nothing Beats it in Quality.

The new Nero Recode has also got MPEG4 AVC [Advanced Video Coding]
It is also good on quality and compression but it can be used in .mp4
container not .avi

Currently i have seen only Nero Recode having that codec Mpeg4 AVC
also called H.264 AVC.

Xvid can be used with any container format .avi , .mp4 , .mkv

Codecs and CodecPacks are different you should have had a different
Poll for Codec Packs u just cant compare codecs with codec packs.

You also have missed on the best CodecPack "KLite Codec Pack Full Version".

In Codec Packs i feel its Klite Codec Pack Full for me



For TV Recording, DivX 5.21 with Media Portal, AVI encoding

For storing files in PC, like recorded TV or from camcorders, DivX again, nice quality with 3 mbps bitrate

For Audio mpeg4/AAC, left mp3 2 months ago

For mpeg2 decoding, NVIDIA DVD decoder with WMP10, as the DVD player, also decodes AC3 Audio to Stereo channel 2.1,

For Cell phone recorded clips, which are in 3gp format, I use as they are, play with quicktime, the free version is enough


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This is the good thread posted by maverickrohan.

It has the complete info, which u all guys need.

Divx 5.2.1 is the best for video ones.

But that fellow said vp62 is better than the rest.

Why is klite codec pack coming here? :p


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Sorry Guys,

Put my 1st poll here, didn't knew how to work it out. But guess it worked out quite ok :) That's why i didn't go for a particular question. That doesn't means I underestimate u guys. Being using DIGIT since it was CHIP myself. But im still behind the border lines- not yet to be called "experienced".

And i went to few post already. I am sorry if this poll is yet another of those same old polls. I will try to be specific next time. Sorry for "codecs" and "codec packs" confussion.

And btw, I use divx pro 5.2.1, xvid, indeo 5.1, WMP Video 9 VMC and WM9Codecs. There are many others, which comes with diff. players likes winamp, powerdvd 5 deluxe, wmp10 and so on. I just use the above for my conversion and it works great.

Sometimes, when I use divx pro - with some downloaded video files - its bad lip sync, so i use TMPGEnc sometimes also.

I don't use lots of codecs yet, as I don't know much - I don't class myself as "experienced" yet. Still trying new things everyday.

Thanks to all who already suggested some nice codec, would surely give them a try.

Keep voting and suggestions/ideas are always welcome - that way i can actually learn something GOOD here. :)


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i just read the thread by maverickrohan and now i am all for VP6.

But does VP6 have playback in Divx DVD Hardware Players.
Divx and Xvid have playback on Hardware DVD Players
For Eg Philips DVD642K which is available here in India.

If VP6 supported Hardware Player is there i will suerly encode all
the DVD using VP6.

Currently i will not rip all my videos using VP6 but VP6 sure
does provide the Quality and Compression.


shwetanshu said:
I also say KLITE CODEC FULL is the best
klite codec PACK
its not a codec
its a codec pack
as in it installs diff codecs on ur pc for use
the topic in question is best "CODEC"
which i might add maverickrohan covered very well !
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