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  1. V

    Best Headset with OR with Out Mic Under 5000rs

    HI I need a headset mainly for gaming and music listening under 5000rs I like Kingston HyperX Cloud Core as it metal construction it will be durable as i'm fed up with plastic headset breaking
  2. ax3

    HDD cover !!!

    hi, does any1 know where to get hdd plastic covers/box in mumbai & cost ??? Thanx
  3. saikiasunny

    What do you expect from a good computer case?

    So i was just going over shopping sites and saw the amount of cases currently available. The number of cases is huge. Cheap cases, large cases, inverted cases..... But only few cases offered something new to the table. They are all same steel and plastic boxes that we are used to. Yes they...
  4. T

    How to become a paid political party troll?

    Whichever Indian news website i go to, there are thousands of trolls over there which post obnoxious replies to each news item. For eg. News headline: Rakhi Sawant gets plastic surgery. Troll 1: This is AAP conspiracy. Troll 2: Modi shd ban this plastic as it pollutes ganga. Troll 3: (copied...
  5. srkmish

    Man Undergoes Extensive Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber, Spends $100,000 In 5 Years

    This is unbelievable. Crosses all limits of star worship. He was a perfectly handsome man before and now looks like a cow. Not only is songwriter Toby Sheldon a 33-year-old Justin Bieber fan, his Bieber-devotion would blow teeny-bopping Beliebers out of the water. That's because Sheldon...
  6. Thetrueblueviking

    URGENT - Should I go for it ?

    Newegg.com - SAPPHIRE 100354OC-2L Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 CrossFireX Support Video Card I am getting the card and the game (crysis 3) for ~ 190$ Generally the card sells for 230 and the game coupon status is fluctuating. Deal lasts for the next 36...
  7. N

    this beats headphone.......genuine or fake?

    Beats By Dr.Dre SOLO HD Headphones * Full Hard Plastic Body , Very Portable!! | eBay
  8. G

    Multimedia laptop for college student

    Hello everyone ! I'm a college student and I'm a complete dumb at judging between computers based on their price/performance level. One of my buddy recommended to join this forum so as to clear my confusion. As told above I'm a college student so I'm very tight on my budget. But then also I...
  9. A

    [Query] Lost cpu socket plastic cover

    My Maximus IV gene-z (Asus) has some problems so I was planning to RMA. It is still under warranty. I have the box and bill but I lost the plastic cover over the cpu socket. What can I do now? Is there any place I can get a replacement cover? I live in kerala by the way.
  10. T

    Need info on Plastic card printer.

    Hi, I need some information on plastic card printers. The cards are nothing but identity cards issued by schools to pupils. Regarding this I want information on the type of printer , it's price, where can i get it, media used in the printer ink / toner etc. Your information will be helpful...
  11. The Sorcerer

    Zebronics Bijli 2 (ZEB-3323 B) PC Chassis Review

    Labelling a case as a "Gaming chassis" has become a norm if you're following the hardware scene for atleast couple of years. They carried a premium price for a while which was bought by very limited amount of people. Gaming cases initially were pictured as "Glossy paint job, plasticky themed...
  12. R

    How to Open Wire/Cable Ties?

    Hey guys! This may sound foolish to you but I am stuck so I am asking. I have a 5-7 years old P4 PC. I need to replace a non-working exhaust fan, but after opening the cabinet I found that, as it should be, internal cables/wires along with the fan cable/wire are tied together (to avoid...
  13. maverick786us

    N900 Screen Protector

    My N900 screen is a fingerprint magnet. Is it really worth to spend 450 bucks for a screen protector? Fingerprints isn't a big concern but I don't want any scratch to happen to the screen. 1) I am not sure if there is already a plastic sheet that is covering the screen whe it is shipped? 2)...
  14. topgear

    Japanese Scientists Create Elastic Water

    Elastic Water could eventually replace plastic, or be used in an environmentally-safe plastic. Bernama, a part of the Malaysian National News Agency, reports that Japanese scientists have created “elastic water." Developed at the Tokyo University, the new material consists mostly of...
  15. azzu

    LED (water) Glasses

    Think those plastic glasses are filled with Daisy's fresh milk? Wrong! The battery-powered white LEDs light up the opaque plastic, fooling everyone into thinking you're drinking nature's own juice. Instead of gin Wanna buy ? source aZZu
  16. rajhot

    How to: Remove scratches from your phone's camera 'glass'!

    This applies to any phone with exposed camera 'glass', i.e. which has no physical, protective shutter. You'll remember from last year that, through over-zealous attempts to wipe off dust, the camera 'glass' (actually plastic) on my Nokia N95 8GB had actually gotten more damaged than if I'd...
  17. R

    Weird problem with processor fan

    Hi I'm new in the forums, I've read some of the threads and found solutions for my problems before but this is actually my first post. Yesterday I was using my PC normally,and all of a sudden I heard a loud song, like if something fell from my desk and then my PC shutted down. I opened it...
  18. M

    Want to buy a cheap phone that is not made of low quality plastic!!!!!

    Hiya guys ..... as i said i wanna buy a phone that is not made of cheap plastic or atleast doesn't start to creak even wen its brand new ....... features expected FM radio... i have a moto FONE for this purpose(the one that costs a 1000 bucks). only problem with it is that it does not have a...
  19. n2casey

    Screen protection

    I have bought a Nokia 6300 and by mistake one of my friend has removed the transparent sticker from the screen and as I think It only comes with a new handset. Now how can I protect its screen from scratches. As I know I can use a plastic cover or laminate the cell but is there any other way...
  20. M

    want cover for k750i

    hi guys i want to buy a cover for my k750 to protect it from dust which one to go for my friend who owns w550 has a dual plastic detachable 2 piece cover.i dont want chain cover as it may damage side buttons:-oso pls suggest a good cover THANKS
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