1. Akira

    The End for Pirate Bay?

    Pirate Bay down worldwide. Police in Sweden carried out a raid in Stockholm today, seizing servers, computers, and other equipment. At the same time The Pirate Bay and several other torrent-related sites disappeared offline. Although no official statement has been made, TF sources confirm...
  2. NiGHtfUrY

    Give me reasons to buy orginal windows 7!

    Moderators please note,it is not my intention to promote piracy in anyway through this thread,my intention is completely opposite,to curb piracy and to find reasons to promote buying original softwares. Title says it. Obviously other than the most fundamental reason PIRACY IS A CRIME...
  3. H

    What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?

    What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy? | Greenheart GamesGreenheart Games
  4. furious_gamer

    The Ultimate Debate, Discussion and Fight Thread For Offtopic Posts!

    After seeing Killing Piracy thread, theserpent gave an idea to create this thread, where we debate about all off-topic posts and no need to disturb mods. So mods, this is just for off-topic debates and please take it lightly. Let's brag about Piracy and blah,blah here. :D
  5. sygeek

    "Piracy made me popular", Anurag Kashyap

    Piracy made me popular: Anurag Kashyap We finally have someone who understands.
  6. D

    Developer says piracy forced Dead Trigger Android game to go free

    'Unbelievably high' level of unpaid-for downloads despite game's $0.99 price With 400m activated devices and another 1m added every day, Android is on a roll. So why are many games developers still wary of porting their iOS titles to Google's platform? Piracy is a key reason. Developer...
  7. R

    Why Piracy is not decreasing???

    We all know what piracy is and it's effect. Everyone is trying to reduce it. But what Microsoft does is that desktop turns black and a message comes at bottom left corner of desktop that Windows is not Genuine. They are even providing Updates for Windows, Office and others via Windows Update...
  8. nims11

    PSP discussion Thread

    There are no PSP related discussions in TDF gaming section. But i think there has to be some PSP-owners in TDF(lets hope so!!). Discuss about games and stuffs(except piracy of course). I am addicted to my PSP and spend a lot time and money on it!
  9. furious_gamer

    Question about Locked Thread???

    I am not here to sue anyone or to address the piracy issue, but all i want to know is why my thread get locked, stating the reason that "Don't discuss piracy". See this thread. I downloaded that game because it's way old and it's available for free. Is that illegal? :wink: Who said? Even...
  10. kool

    Why Torrent & crack is illegal in Thinkdigit Forum?

    Why Torrent & Cracks are illegal in Thinkdigit Forum?? X( Guys, I've to ask u a very common question, that asking anything related to torrent download, crack, hack, piracy are not allowed in this forum. Its OK, fine. I'm not asking that. But if its illegal, then why Torrent sites, Mediafire...
  11. qwe1

    Mod-free TDF

    seeing as there have been numerous bans and flame wars in this section,wouldn't it be fair to ask for a mod-free,anything goes(except sexual imagery/links & piracy) sub-section? this could be used to express ourselves w/o vocal restraint. putting up a poll.mods please consider it
  12. detoknight

    Piracy and anti piracy in India

    India is a breeding ground for piracy. It says here that 65% of all software used is pirated. http://trak.in/tags/business/2010/05/12/software-piracy-india/ This report places India as the fourth largest global hub of online film piracy...
  13. hansraj

    Why r we reluctant in sharing the info on piracy!!!

    Ok ... before i begin Lets remind all of us of the Forums rule that none of our post should direct to any pirated content hereafter(basically no infringement of Copyright law or Intellectual act). What i want to discuss here is: why is sharing information on the available pirated content...
  14. xzone

    Removing WGA notification !

    Hi, [post deleted] I hate piracy too.. this was just FYI !
  15. ironfreak

    Help vista DVD noot booting

    I know piracy isn't encouraged here but this thread is no way to support piracy but to find solution to my problem. I downloaded Vista x64 and burnt .iso on a DVD from Nero. But when I restarted my PC, it didn't boot from it....:( I don't know why.. then I took the same disc to my friend and it...
  16. rook!e

    torrenting or pirating

    last time i'v been arguing with my ol' school geek friends about increasing no of torrent trackers,according to him torrenting is a piracy. what do you think guys?? :rolleyes:
  17. kerthivasan

    Copying CD content from Cd library? Is it Pirtaing or not?

    Hi guys. I have taken a CD from my college cd library It is only for one day. so i have to return it within one day. Since some cds have much content it is difficult for me to see it all in one day. so, i thought i can copy the contents of the cd to my computer. But at that time i had a...
  18. G

    Is Piracy/Open Source Green?

    First of all ....I appoligise for taking a topic regarding piracy...Actually im not talking of pirated software but the piracy file sharing Protocol used in opensource...This is not an Encouragement to Piracy.....the word piracy is coz i got that pic with that word...i wanted to relate with...
  19. damked

    Microsoft cuts prices in China to fight piracy

    Microsoft slashes price of Office 2007 Student and Home edition in China to combat piracy. Article Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Top_Headlines/Microsoft_cuts_prices_in_China_to_fight_piracy/articleshow/3516350.cms :D
  20. H

    Heavy Duty Piracy---

    This article is meant for just reading. Testing or evaluating any of the steps mentioned here is completely the user's responsibility. This article is not meant for any type of encouraging, implementing spreading of piracy or spamming vulgarian usage or playing a$$ with the moderator. The...
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