CM Elite 310 + CM Hyper 212 Plus advice For my config?


COOLER MASTER Elite 310 + Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler
Please advice , I am planning to buy CM Hyper 212 + (Dual Fan ) for my Rig (config on my sign)

Q) i do know its compactable but after reading google results i found i might have Problem using 4 Ram Sockets (atm using 3 sockets)(see pic -CPU cooler is tooclose to Ram socket #1 )

Q) From pic below user didnt use Side Fan but i do have 1x 120MM side LED fan , if i used CM Hyper 212 will there b space for slide fan ?

Q) Pic 3 shows cpu cooler is 2 close to GFX card , will i b having problem with my HD 5750 gfx card?

Req : If any1 using CM Elite 310 + CM Hyper 212 Plus +GFX card +Side Fan please post a SS please





[got ss from google search image]

Thank you
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