[For Sale] Crysis 2 / PS3


I have Yolks not Brains!
Hi Guys

I'm selling Crysis 2 for PS3.
It's a limited edition I guess .
It comes with a manual , Disc and an Online Coupon.

Price:Rs. 1000 Incl. Shipping
(Rs. 950 for Bangalore Local Pickup )

Cover :


Cover Inside:
Disc Pic 1:

Disc Pic 2:

The disc is in *www.kraftseeds.com/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/product_images/thumbnails/mint%20.jpg Condition.
no Scratch or Fingerprints what so ever.
It's was never exposed to air I guess :p (Cover to PS3 , Ps3 to cover, except when I took this pic :p)

Reason For selling: Done with the SP campaign , not interested in MP. Also need money :bigyellowgrin:

Online Coupon Status: Dunno. Never tried it. But It is not needed for Multiplayer. It just gives some Scar skin and some Bonus XP. So even if it's used, you're not losing anything.

No Negotiations .

Thread Engaged. Maximum Buying.
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