1. tamatarpakoda

    Inside the belly of the beast

    While we rarely experience any tornadoes and probably are never going to witness one personally. Some of you might be fortunate(or unfortunate) enough to see one in your lifetime. So how bad can it be?
  2. G

    need 3 iem ....700-700-700 each....asap

    m looking for 3 earphones for friends ....all 3 should less than 700rs.....sound magic es 18 is my 1st choice ....i need best overall performance ...i personally use mi piston 3 i want performance like mi piston 3....plz give suggs asap ....buying sooon ....ty ty ty !!!
  3. vickybat

    Nintendo To Discontinue The DS?

    Finally DS is going to retire and for good. It was an extremely successful console and the only thing in history to come close to ps2 in sales. It seems all those rumors of DS eventually beating the ps2 in most number of sales can be put to rest now. Although i personally don't like the kind of...
  4. Jay1234

    system optimisation software ??

    I personally use only ccleaner but there are many system opt software what do u use & why ??!
  5. P

    APC ES 650 Battery Replacement

    Recently my battery went kaput, and I need to change my APC ES 650 battery (RBC 17). I had a conversation with the APC officials in Calcutta, and their statement in inconsistent. They are saying that they have no battery in stock, but one of their engineers, said that they have battery(infact he...
  6. RON28

    need a decent mobile upto 5k?

    Hello guys, My budget is 5k and need a decent mobile with pretty good camera, 3G, wifi, touchscreen phone. only java and android platform mobiles are prefered :) do post your suggestions, and experience if your using it personally and yes, if you have any link for online purchase with a heavy...
  7. rhitwick

    Moving to Kolkata

    Guys...I'm getting relocated to Kolkata soon (may be this weekend). My transfer plea got approved after 3 months. Well, for most of you this is irrelevant but Digitians with whom I had met personally in all Mumbai meets...........will miss ya all. I loved this city very much but its time...
  8. Disc_Junkie

    Need an IEM. Budget Rs. 1200.

    Please suggest me an IEM. phones with good bass quality and comfort are preferred. So, please suggest me some. My budget is Rs. 1200. I personally prefer Skull Candy so please suggest me from this brand.
  9. speedyguy

    Sachin is a true legend. But is it really right to call him as God?

    Passion makes champions which Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Batsman) indeed is. But what makes him God? I personally don't consider that. Whats your say? Enjoy~!
  10. M

    I want buy a 5.1 or 4.1 Speakers..

    Sir i'm a Di9it subscriber..please suggest me some speakers 4.1 or 5.1..along with their prices...i watch movies and also play budget is less than 4000....pls suggest as quickly as possible.....personally i wan2 hve the creative speakers....pls and help me out...
  11. M

    best lcd or led tv --32 inch

    hey hurry up--i need 32 inch LCD TV or led TV... most probably samsung.... and should i go for LCD or led...budget rs 55k and is there different type of led too...personally i think led is simply a marketing gimmick.
  12. F

    IDE Hard disk (any size)

    Hi i need a ide hardisk if you have any spare hardisk of10 20 or 40 gb pls PM or post here the cost & warnty left (if any) i am in delhi n can collect personally (preffred) payment via cash or paypal (cost+transaction fee+$2 xtra) ill pay thanks
  13. Cool G5

    Need distro for old PC

    My PC specs are as follows: P4 2.0GHZ MSI PM8M-V Motherboard Onboard Via P4M800 Graphic Chip 512MB DDR RAM I need a distro for the above machine. I tried Ubuntu 9.10, Fedora 12 LXDE but both of them feel slow. I went to install Arch but it failed to boot giving a GRUB error i.e. Grub hanging at...
  14. Plasma_Snake

    Need a Netbook

    I need a Netbook for my sister. She'll be leaving India soon so better be of an International brand. Pour in ur suggestion, price and availability ASAP, I've personally zeroed in on ASUS Eee PC 904HA but a second thought is always appreciated. :lol:
  15. C

    Horror Movie?

    Hi If you are a horror movie fan, can you plz tell me which is the most horrifying English movie you have seen so far? I personally liked Mirrors * Thanx
  16. dotcommakers

    Suggest me - xperia - HTD HD - HTC Touch pro - Omnia?

    Looking to buy a very good Windows mobile fone Suggest me - xperia - HTD HD - Omnia? I personally like Xperia my preferences are keyboard, big screen[resolution]
  17. alter_ego

    MTV splitsvilla

    How many of you into this cat fight show? Any favs.? I personally think Prianca is super hot :).
  18. N

    Query about ASUS P5Q motherboards

    Anyone care to help me out here. From what little research I did online, these are not really high-end stuff but if the pricing is right, it would turn out to be VFM. I'm personally interested in its "power-saving" and ExpressGate features. So, does anyone know if they are available in India?
  19. harryneopotter

    Phone drowned in water ...

    Hi friends ... my 8 months old Nokia 5200 was dropped in water recently and got damaged ... i think i should get a new one and sell the current one after repairing ...... so plz suggest a good Phone within 7k .... the best in this range .... personally i like Nokia 6233 .... but if there is any...
  20. RaghavKanwal

    Vista Capable Games...

    Hey Can every1 plz reply and tell me all the games that you think can run on vista??? It would really be appreciated as i am tired of downloading useless games..... Personally, 1) Urban terror and 2) Counter Strike Condition Zero worked for me...
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