need 3 iem ....700-700-700 each....asap


Broken In
m looking for 3 earphones for friends ....all 3 should less than 700rs.....sound magic es 18 is my 1st choice ....i need best overall performance ...i personally use mi piston 3 i want performance like mi piston 3....plz give suggs asap ....buying sooon ....ty ty ty !!!


SoundMagic ES18S is a good product under 700. Bass and Treble balance is good, clarity is okay. Wire build is very good.
After Burning out the magnet (10hrs), sounding very good.
At this price it is giving you Mic, compatibility switch, carrying pouch, computer adapter so you can't expect more.
I bought this for rough-use, basically while i'm traveling by bus, train etc or going out for a walk because it is giving you mic at this price and you can change music, take call while traveling without taking out your mobile from the pocket of your jeans.
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