1. romeo_8693

    cant write HD in ubuntu!!!

    ok im new to linux.... i have two HD on has xp and other has ubuntu breezy badger. wen i boot from ubuntu i cant write in my windows partitions tho i can resd says no write how can i modify the permission so as to make changes in windows partition??
  2. V

    Unix Problem

    Can anyone please tell me how can I list all the files with read permission
  3. B

    Fedora Core 5 CD mounting problem

    I am using FC5. I have problems mounting CDs. VCDs don't mount at all. Other data CDs automount, but when i double click the Cd icon, I get a 'permission denied' error. Whats going on here?. Help needed.
  4. True Geek

    Can't create/delete new catagories in Wordpress!!!!!????????

    Hi I just created a blog in Wordpress. Now Whenever I want to add a new catagory it says what the thread title says. You don't have permission to do that. why is it so??? Wht should i do? please help
  5. V

    help for cd copyright protection

    hello i want free software that will protect cd from copy or any one will not use data without permission. if any one know the link plz reply
  6. mediator

    You might not have permission to use.....again but for linux

    My prevoius thread for this solution was solved by some "Virus". But now I want to connect the computers: a linux and a windows! I want to share files between linux and windows. I got my 2 winxp pc's connected finally: Here's the previous thread...
  7. J

    cd writing permission

    how will an administrator give cd writing(nero express) permission to a limited user account in windows xp
  8. R

    Read write, ODBC....????

    HI WHat is ODBC and DNS? IS it related to Read write permission to a folder in a webserver? WHat is techinical name for Read write permission to folder. Becasue I want to know whether hosting companies gives read and write acces to folders? Please help me I am new bie in database connection...
  9. S

    how to set up Wireless LAN?

    hi.guys. anybody is having a WLAN? what is tha max range? and is it required to take some kind of permission for its set up?
  10. H

    Sending and Receiving without any user activity How ?

    Recently I have noticed my dial up networking window, I have a Tata dial-up unlimited a/c, keeps on sending and receiving something without me using any IE windows or any internet related stuff and without my permission, So hows this possible..... ? :? I have scanned with AD-Aware latest...
  11. T

    CD-RW permission setting in Xp pro

    hi, in xp, can there be any policies or restriction on CD-RW. i want administrator or the selected few ones only to be able to write and rest just to browse CD's contents. just like any other folder restriction in NTFS. if there are any solution in Xp itself then it would be of great help...
  12. V

    YahooO cam security

    Is it possible to view some ones cam without their permission . can this be stopped ?
  13. A

    How i shutdown my system

    when my system is automatically shutdowning i have given "shutdown -a" in run box, then shutdowning is stopped. but now i tried to shutdown my system, system displays, "You do not have permission to shutdown this computer" so, how i shutdown my system, Please help me. :cry:
  14. N

    want read/write/execute permission!

    I am currently using Fedora core 3 I have windows partitions c: and d: currently I have my /etc/fstab as I get full access permission under root but I have only read permission as a user. I need full permission as an user. What should I do?
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