1. B

    NTFS mount problems in Debian!!!

    I run a XP-Debian(Testing) sytem! My XP-partitions are not accessible from Debian- I get a message that says-"cant mount media, u do not have proper permission!!" Any Help!!!!!
  2. gary4gar

    Automactic Updates are downloaded without my permission

    Hi, Windows Xp is downloading updates on its own without my permission even though i have set Automatic updates to "Notify Me or don't Automatically download or install them."The problem is i am not a limited connection and i get charged for extra download @Rs0.8per MB. so this automatic...
  3. ajayritik

    Need some info on webcam

    I'm planning to buy a webcam. After searching for the threads here I found that some of them have suggested Logitech models. Does anybody have any other suggestions? I also need to find if we can record the webcam thing in Yahoo Messenger. When I googled Ifound that there is something called...
  4. nix

    permission needed to post pics on blog?

    hi, im writing a blog. i needed to post a picture about a politician and looked up google for it and found one on a certain website. the site said the picture was from AP photos. can i just put that pic on my blog? is some kinda permission necessary or should i just say that the pic is from AP...
  5. R

    In vista Am not able to extract any file from winrar directly?..Plz help and granting

    If i try to extract a winrar file by just right cliking and extract to (name of the folder) [Which comes in the drop down arrow]----It doesnt work no folder is created or nothing is done...Rather i have to open winrar -allow permissions and go to extract to -- specify folder than extract--It...
  6. R

    batch file?

    how to create a batch file to delete a particular file without asking permission and then display a particular message?
  7. mak1012

    Is it virus???

    hey friends... I'm using Hathway. from yesterday if i'm not not using the net even though the modem shows me transferring of data(the lights blick) is any one taking my data??? without my permission....if yes then please suggest me what to do????right now i'm using Kaspersky AV.
  8. M

    Apache permission

    Hey to all, I am a beginner in installing apache 2.2 in Windows Vista, and when I do http://localhost this message appears: You don't have permission to access / on this server. Can someone help me. Thanks in advanced Regards Marco C.
  9. S

    asp/access issue.. please help!!

    I am trying to display some records from database. But I am getting this error" "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file '(unknown)'. It is already opened exclusively by another...
  10. Gigacore

    Cant edit wvdial.conf, please help!

    hi guys. i cant edit wvdial.conf in Ubuntu gg, it says permission denied. please help me
  11. Cyrus_the_virus

    Enabling write permission on File system partition in Ubuntu

    Can someone tell me as to how do I enable write permission for my Ubuntu file system partition. I have write permission for all the other drives except for the file system partition.
  12. codename_romeo

    Newbie in Linux

    I was using slax live cd and when i tried to copy files from one drive to another it gave a error saying that i did not have the permission...... why is it so???? and how do i get the permission
  13. The_Devil_Himself

    How to have a super cool PC without spending big bucks

    This guide tells You how to have a cool PC without spending large sums of money on expensive cooling techniques just by using some fans and mechanical tools.It works by providing a proper flow of Air inside the cabinet. here is the guide: Please download the attached pdf file. NOTE: 1.This...
  14. D

    Unable to install Nvidia driver....

    i am new user to linux.. i just now downloaded NVIDIA driver for my Go 7400 card and tried installin it.. an error message sayin root permission is displayed.. i have no idea of how to change the permission.. i am using ubuntu..

    file not delete.....ubuntu

    I have file(.doc) that downloaded from that time it was opened in open office without problem. then my computer didnt shut down properly. now that file doent open in any software and not delete(as a root or other user). I have open its property in permission tab "The...
  16. eddie

    Ubuntu lays down the trademark law

    Source: Linux-Watch
  17. T

    Cannot empty trash

    I am using SuSE 10.1 and i have deleted some files to trash. When I want to delete them it says i dont have permission. Anyway I want to delete the files. Can I do it using terminl with any command with or without root access? Actually where the trash folder is? I cant find it.can I use normal...
  18. A

    Need Help In Vista Networking!!

    hey all!! can anybody tell me how to get administrator permission in Vista in order to access other hard drive partitions on the network. i get an error telling me dat i cannot access the partition bcuz i dont have admistrator permission to do so!!!......PLZ HELP ME!!!
  19. jacques

    suse linux os 10.01

    Hi All, Again facing some problem, just installed suse 10.1. I have only read access either i logged in as root or i logged in as user. How can i change my permission. I am just able to make folder in home folder only. If i make or copy to another drive it denies. Please help me out.....
  20. plsoft

    Problem with Mandriva 2006

    I can copy files from windows partition but when i try to write on the partitions it says "Access Denied". Even i can't change the permission properties. Please help.
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