1. esumitkumar

    Error : No permission to write to /storage/emulated/0 when Installing SKY FORCE RELOADED

    Hi Guys I have unrooted MI4 with Latest stable MIUI Whenever I try to install Sky Force reloaded (which I love like crazy), Google Play store crashes..and throws this error java.lang.SecurityException: No permission to write to storage-emulated-0-Android-obb (attached image) I have...
  2. kaz

    Review Your Apps/Games Here !!!!

    Review Your Apps/Games Here [All Platforms] !! There are so many threads discussing which is a better device based on hardware. But its the apps installed on the phone which makes it stand out from other. So this is where we will be putting the apps/games which we find worth sharing. Rules...
  3. H

    Cannot setup USB Modem in Linux. Help!!

    I have the Prithvi branded BSNL EVDO modem. This is the guide that I followed - How to Connect to Internet from BSNL EVDO Prithvi UE100 modem in Linux(Ubuntu) In that guide, he was using Ubuntu but I am using Linux Mint 13 (Mate edition). That should not cause any problem since Mint is...
  4. dan4u

    Not able to access sale/trade on IVG forum

    I registered on IVG forum to access the sale/trade, but every time i try to access it I get the following message [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. also the forum is in Protected forum, any idea guys?
  5. B

    Questiond regarding HTC One V

    Hi... i have bought a new HTC One V a week back. The phone is fine. but its the software i am worried about the Android always goes online without my permission. Is there any way i could stop this using any software or something... please... this is my android phone i really liked the software...
  6. koolent

    Need to set up a Bench RiG. Money Help Here.

    So, I lately have been thinking of some reviews, so I thought that as it is an investment until I start getting products to Unbox and Review. For the development of this form I want to do it. So, I want SOME MONEY so that I can update my RiG and get it to the level that I can do some ...
  7. S

    server folder permission problem

    techies i have a folder in server 2003 , today i removed all the security settings to give fresh permissions to new user in that process i also removed the permmission of administrator also. after that i gave permission to administrator and other domain user. then when i entered in the...
  8. Blue Ripazah

    zynga poker error

    hi guys im anable to play zynga poker on my galaxy ask for a permission i granted it then says error occured
  9. Siddharth_1

    WINDOWS 7:"You require permission from the computer's administrator"

    In my pc, i installed 64 bit version of windows 7 over windows 7 32 bit in disk partition 'C:'. This created a folder called, 'windows.old'. I want to delete this folder as it is using some GBs of space in my HDD. But, I am unable to delete the folder. It shows an error - "You require...
  10. azzu

    security problem in accessing the files

    I was fiddling with the Security option in win7 and in permissions tab i checked something and applied it (unknowingly , i know this is embarrising ) now when ever i try to acces my Movie folder ( the one i changed the secuirty settings) iam getting a messg as follows "you dont currently...
  11. R

    Messed up with Drive security tab

    My win 7 pc have 2 Users Me and Person X . i wanted to restrect drive D:\[backupDrive] to person x , so i was messing with D:\ properties>security setting >group or usernames But now >.> i cant access my own driver Getting error when opening folders "You dont have permission to access...
  12. furious_gamer

    Our company restricted mobile phone usage!!!!

    Yes, you read it right. They restricted the usage and we have to surrender our mobiles at reception. But we can make calls if we want, but the thing is we need to go to reception, get the phone and talk. So we almost lost the memory that we have a cell phone while in office. Now, for...
  13. M

    Deleting Registry keys

    how can i delete a registry key in vista? i tried logging in as local administrator to the PC. before deleting the key i am supposed to change the permission for that particular key, right? but when i am doing this the system gives an error message saying 'permission denied" the same...
  14. T

    Template in MS Word

    I had made a template with VB programing for MS Word 2003. now i want to sell it to others. How can I do that. is there should get permission from microsoft ? kindly tell me
  15. bajaj151

    Replace Explorer.exe in 7

    I can't able to replace explorer.exe...file access denied. And when I try to Save permission under Security tab....Unable to save permission. How can I replace explorer.exe ??
  16. Faun

    In Rome (Italy), Durga is not welcome

    * Kudos to Arif Shahid Khan for his efforts for fellow Indians. May be Italian madam Sonia can see into the religious bigotry committed in Italy situated in free West.
  17. S

    URGENT: File permisson issue

    Machine: Solaris 10 There were some scripts and tools installed on the machine under /usr/TEST/bin which had the file permission -r-sr-sr-x 1 root auto 12864 Sep 3 1998 route -r-sr-sr-x 1 root auto 203952 Sep 11 1998 snoop -r-sr-sr-x 1 root auto...
  18. T

    ntlmaps - installation problem with .bat file, says i require admin access

    Hi, I have a lenovo Y510 with Windows Vista running on it. I tried to install ntlmaps on my comp because I am behind a proxy server. Now, one particular step of the installation requires the execution of a batch file which has the following contents: - I guess it tries to edit the registry...
  19. dheeraj_kumar

    Russian businessman patents ;-) smiley

    Yep... so everyone will be using warez copy of ;-) when they use IMs. ;-) source and full story at: *
  20. kanu2k7

    networking with MAC and Windows

    my friend have 5 MACs and 2 Windows PC. how can a mac access a windows share and also work with permission set with the shared folder and also map a windows shared drive. Actually i just want to make a network drive in windows PC so all can save their work in that shared drive and can access...
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