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networking with MAC and Windows

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Livin my Dreams
my friend have 5 MACs and 2 Windows PC. how can a mac access a windows share and also work with permission set with the shared folder and also map a windows shared drive. Actually i just want to make a network drive in windows PC so all can save their work in that shared drive and can access them on an MAC or PC and also that no one else can view their files unless the owner adds some read permission for the other user.

just for some info : They are not in a domain, they are individual MAC and PCs. so is there any solution for this. they all are connected together with the help of a switch just used to share a internet connection.
i have a budget for a NAS server if required

thank you


Point Blanc
same way it will acess a mac.
there is something called login password, which eventually will be asked.
I am not pretty sure if in mac also smb command(samba server) is used
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