URGENT: File permisson issue

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Broken In
Machine: Solaris 10

There were some scripts and tools installed on the machine under /usr/TEST/bin which had the file permission
     -r-sr-sr-x   1 root     auto       12864 Sep  3  1998 route
-r-sr-sr-x   1 root     auto      203952 Sep 11  1998 snoop
-r-sr-sr-x   1 root     auto        6948 Sep 11  1998 arp
-r-sr-sr-x   1 root     auto        8788 Oct  5  1999 fgen
By mistake we logged in as root and gave
chmod 777 *
Due to which all the permission for the files was changes and none of the scripts or tools like snoop present are working

Please let me know tp how to restore the permission back so that we can execute the tools
Not open for further replies.
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