Not able to access sale/trade on IVG forum


Took Off!!!
I registered on IVG forum to access the sale/trade, but every time i try to access it I get the following message

[#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum.

also the forum is in Protected forum, any idea guys?


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
may be there is a min post limit.. like you need have certain number of posts before you can trade..


The Vagrant Seeker
Yes. As RCuber pointed out, usually forums with 'sale/buy' threads have restrictions on which members can view/take part in those threads. relatively new members can't very soon.


Took Off!!!
ok I'll try posting there and see what must be a min post issue....

EDIT:- I connected via twitter and now I can access everything ....weird :-?


Legend Never Ends
new members are not given direct access for obvious reasons. There is minimum post count need in most forums for accessing the market section.
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