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  1. dashang

    Create a password for pen drive

    I want to have such a system that when someone opens my pen drive for first time IT SOULD ASK FOR PASSWORD. And i dont want encryption utility because it will take time to access files . I want a quick mechanism . I just want password protection for pen drive...
  2. TheHumanBot

    World's first 256GB USB flash drive

    Kingston Technology Europe announced the launch of the world's first 256GB USB flash drive, the DataTraveler 300. "The DataTraveler 300 will enable users to carry huge volumes of data with them everywhere they go – up to 365 CDs for example," said Kirsty Miller, product marketing manager –...
  3. D

    folder access permissions

    Need help urgently I have two oses installed on different partitions. When I tried to setup a password for one of my accounts on one os it asked me whether I want to allow others to see that My private files, I made that NO. Now I cannot access the whole documents and settings folder from...
  4. P

    Anyone on TE facing this issue?

    Hi All, When I am opening TE , it is giving me below screen, I entered my username and password and still window appears again.Can anyone help me out?
  5. T

    New Rapidshare Search Engine with Password EMAIL Feature !

    Its been a long time since i have shared something with you guys.Recently i got to hear about a Search Engine for Rapidshare and other File Hosting Websites which provides...FAST & ACCURATE Searching and also the Best thing is ....IF YOU DONT FIND THE PASSWORD for the File you downloaded you can...
  6. S

    what do i do next? is my email misused?

    well i have an email addresss xyz@hotmail.com its password is up to me...and i dont think it has been compromised... though i have changed the password now... but from some days i have been receiving lots of mails.. saying remove me from mailing list the mail has...
  7. H

    Administrator Control

    Hi I use Vista Home edition with administrator control. This locks up my computer very quickly if it is not in use and then the regular process of typing password etc. Now I would like to know if this Lock-up time could be increased. Thanks
  8. A

    password protect a cd

    can anyone tell me how to password protect a cd/dvd so that whenever i insert it , it sould ask for a password to open it . one more thing i want a foder lock so that the locked folder should ask for a password when i double click (open) it . most of the folder lock needs to unlock the folder...
  9. ajai5777

    Urgent help needed cant login to windows

    I hav been using my administrative pw as blank.but yesterday i uninstalled avast and installed comodo internet security.after installation it insisted to restart after that when i login a password box appears near my name since my pw is blank i tried just pressed enter without typing anything...
  10. T

    looking for a sytem like sify

    hi i own a isp company in my city i cover almost all my city areas,to sistribute high speed broadband connection,now i am looking to make a system like sify net,in which when user starts their net connection it ask them for an username and password as you may see in sify ,so i want to know waht...
  11. K

    Any data loss?

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) and 4GB Kingston Pen drive. In the Kingston Pen drive, there is an option for password protection for the whole Pen drive through its software. I have got data on the Pen Drive. Is there any problem of losing my Data if I give a password to...
  12. heman12


    Hii, all digitians. I hav installed Password protect usb 3.61 on my extrenal HDD, and lock few folder with password, now i forgot those password and i m unable to open those folders. Can any1 please help out of this problm, as those folder contain my importanat office aswell as persoanl data...
  13. M

    Broadband sharing

    Hi, I am having some trouble related to my broadband, I am thinking to use my shop BSNL broadband in my home I am having bsnl landline...is this possible to share it with the help of some means....such as dialing by username & password
  14. speedyguy

    Recover windows password being still able 2logon

    i can use my fingerprint reader to logon to my windows account but i hv forgotten my password..... tried anyword that can possibly strike my mind but all in vain... i downloaded windows password recovery app but it will ask for a registration via credit card... can ne1 help me out plz.... ts...
  15. H

    Can't connect E 63 wth my b.tooth!! Pls help.

    I can't connect my blue tooth headset with my E 63; the head set is detected, but while pairing ,the phone asks for a password. Whatever password I give, the phone rejects the same & displays "Unable to pair device". Can some one please help me with the pass word, or something else needs to...
  16. J

    how to create a new user and password in mysql?

    :sad:how to create a new user and password in mysql? Hi iam now studying php and sql using abook.before creating and connecting to databse books tell me to create a new user "bp5am" and password "bp5ampass" host= "localhost".Please help how to create it what command is used for that from...
  17. B

    Bypass Folder Lock

    I a using this software Folder Lock 5.9.5 now i had locked this folder sometime back using this software and now i have forgotten the password i had used!! ..can anyone help me bypass/crack the password and open the folder.
  18. T

    problem with folder lock 6.1.2

    Hi before I srat sorry for bad english I used folder lock 6.1.2 to lock some files few months ago. I reinstalled my OS and the damn folder lock and now when I try to open the files it tells me wrong password maybe I forgot it:shock: how can I open that locker without a password thanks in advance
  19. W

    Software for password protection in Nokia N79

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a free application for protecting media files on my Nokia N79 with a password ? :razz: Thnx
  20. suzy

    Unlocking Micro SD Card..

    Hello every1, A friend of mine has got this problem. She has forgotten her SD memory card password. And her phone is built on s40 platform. Is there a way 2 resolve this? In fact, i learned a way to locate d password. It's by using FExplorer. But it works on s60 platforms. If it works, then...
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