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  1. S

    Password problem

    Hi friends, I have serious problem. I have one yahoo mail id. just yesterday i changed my password and today i forgot the password. there is no more mail address connected to this id also i forgot the answer of the security question. Please help me. it is olde one and lots of important mails are...
  2. panacea_amc

    DATAONE help- forgot login password!

    hello, i just forgot my login password for my dataone internet connection. however i can login into the BSNL PORTAL i.d. account. is there any way of getting my password. please do help! thanks in advance.
  3. panacea_amc

    DATAONE help- i forgot my login password!

    hello, i just forgot my login password for my dataone internet connection. however i can login into the BSNL PORTAL i.d. account. is there any way of getting my password. please do help! thanks in advance.
  4. M

    How to install wireless router?

    Hey techies, I have recently bought a wireless router. Can anybody here guide me on how to install router for my laptop. Also, how do we set a password for it so that others don't hack into my wifi network. please help. :)
  5. R

    Monitoring WiFi Network

    Hi friends I Have A MTNL Wifi broadband connection and i want to monitor who is intruding into my network my sister knows the password and keeps logging in but i cant change the password caause the mtnl people have set the WPA key by themselves in the wifi modem and their is no functionality to...
  6. P

    How to remove bios password for compaq notebook

    Friends can any one tell me how to remove bios password for compaq notebooks.
  7. stevebadshah

    how to creat bsnl dial up connection plz help

    hi can anyone plz tel me..how do i creat a desktop shortcut to connect the internet? i have created new connection and entered the user name and password? but dont know what to enter in the ISPname field? can anyone plz give me step step process of creating the desktop shortcut?(ofcourse u can...
  8. esumitkumar

    Somebody trying to steal/reset my gmail pwd. HELP !

    Hi Somebody is trying to reset / steal my gmail password. As a safety feature, gmail sends password assistance to secondary mail account. I am receiving these mails once in every 2-3 months :-x I have full headers of google password assistance mail sent on my seconday mail account. Can...
  9. paroh

    Tally 5.4 Password Recovery

    Is there is any way to recover the user and password from Tally 5.4 As i read this process but can u please explain the process in full detail 1. First type requires UserName & Password, it can be recovered, by making a dummy company, then using with password protected company.
  10. S

    How to dlete the hard disk password?

    How to delete the hard disk password? Hi Guys, I was trying to protect my hard disk by putting a booting time password. I was successful in doing that by going to BIOS and then Security. But now when I don't need the password and want to disable it, I'm not able to do that. Even putting space...
  11. D

    3 queries

    1) I tried to repair windows by using windows recovery console.(by iserting a winXP SP2 cd during boot up) but it asks for administrative password. I haven't set it yet. how can i find out my administrative password? 2) And why is thinkdigit.com loading so slow? It seems to be stuck for...
  12. ritesh.techie

    Secure your FireFox by tweaking it manually

    In this tutorial I will show you how you can secure your stored password in firefox, by simply adding 2-3 lines in your userChrome.css file. For those who don’t know how to tweak userChrome.css file please refer to Basic Firefox Tweaking Tutorial and Advanced Tweaking Tutorial. Before getting...
  13. R

    Blocking Access to USB Ports

    Guys is there any software that helps blocking USB ports so that when any removable drive is plugged it needs a password in order to get recognised by the operating system.? I am using Windows OS. I browsed the net and came up with a registry hack- Changing values of the key USBSTOR, but...
  14. bhushan2k

    How to set up Firmware Password Protection for Mac OS X

    If you think that your data might not be secured from others and if you just want to make it secure then Apple has neat trick for you in their store. Apple has a tool through which you can make sure that your data is safe in a place and can be accessed by you only. You can use this tool to...
  15. hdsk.23

    Tutotial to run Internet on PC & Laptop...

    Tutorial to run Internet on PC & Laptop... A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO USE SINGLE INTERNET CONNECTION ON BOTH LAPTOP AND DESKTOP Step 1: We have to set first the modem settings. To do that go to browser and type It will ask for the username and password Enter the username...
  16. hjpotter92

    Password Protected rAr files

    I had some years ago created some RAR files which I protected by different passwords. I am now confused which file has which password. I do not even remeber some of them. Is there something which can help me out. I have tried this: this. But it's a shareware, and didn't help much. :(
  17. CA50

    Crack microSD password

    :lol:I have got 1gb microSD card. I password protected it and now i forgot the password. Please tell me a way to recover or crack the card so that i can reuse it.;-);-)
  18. TheHumanBot

    Not Able to Login into XP

    I am running Windows XP SP2 2002 Edition ... Problem is Now on Startup Xp asking for password... i havent set any password :shock: i have only 1 User Account & thats Administrator i try to bootup into safemode but still asking for password. i also tried to repair it with xp bootable cd also...
  19. K

    Anything to do?

    Hi Guys, Windows XP Home edition.I have got a Kingston 4GB Data Traveler 101 model pen drive. There is a folder as "autorun Setup information 1KB" by Notepad in the pen drive whenever I open the pen drive. When I tried to delete it, it comes again and again. What is it and how to remove...
  20. S

    wordpress blog hacked.. help required

    Guys, today morning when I tried to log in to dashboard of my newly created blog, I was not able to log in. then I thought that it might be because of yest day's drink and I might have changed it ;) but then i tried to recover my password and to my surprize there was no user in wp-users table...
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