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Gear Up!


Whompy Whomperson

Gear Up is a multiplayer game where you can build tanks and participate in online challenges such as battles, races and missions. We have created lots of weapons, turrets, chassis and tracks, all ready to be assembled with each other. Thousands of different tanks can be created and if you think wheels and tracks are boring try the spider legs, the hoovers or the wings. All vehicle parts are physically simulated and we are tweaking them towards arcade action.

We will ship Gear Up with a level editor and all the source content. In the editor you can build or modify levels and vehicle parts or create new challenges and game modes. As we are a very small independent team we gladly involve you in the development process. Through the forums you can help us with your ideas about how to improve the game and make it more fun.

The game is still in development but you can sign-up for the pre-alpha demo which is distributed via steam.

I played this game for 20 minutes today, and its quite interesting. A friend says its copy of recoil, but I haven't played that. Here are some of screenshots of me playing(or trying to) it:



(It says ESC to back, but doesn't work-one has to click on it. Alpha, afterall.)





Get the game:
Go to play-gearup.com and sign-up for free alpha copy
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