1. N

    palit 8600gt 512md graphic card for sale

    I want to sell my Geforce palit 8600GT super 512mb DDR2 graphic card with bill( in warranty condition) and it is used for 5 months only at RS 2500/- negotiable mumbai buyers are preferred Reason to sell: upgrading to Ati 4830.
  2. O

    Can I use a Palit HD 4670 with a P-IV based system ?

    Hi.. I have DELL DIMENTION 4700 system which I bought 4 yrs back and it has come with Factory fitted 128 MB ATI Radeon X300SE. I want to upgrade the GPU now rather than going for a whole new system as I have no issues with other system performance.(Planning to wait till prices of core I-7...
  3. T

    want to sell my palit 8600gt with 5 games

    I want to sell my palit 8600gt 512mb DDR2, 4 months old with bill (in warranty) at RS 2500/- with 5 top pc games (not original) -->>call of the duty 5, crysis warhead, race driver grid,NFS undercover,flatout ultimate carnage). reason to sell:upgrading to 4830 anybody interested (mumbai...
  4. thesuleman

    Help Me To buy Good GPU

    i sold mine XFX8600GT ddr3 256Mb @3000 My budget is 10k Now im thinkin to buy: Palit 9800GT SUPER 1GB DDR3 MSI HD4850 512MB DDR3 Palit HD4850 512MB DDR3 i want to play GTA 4 at high settings plz suggest good card for my config see my sig:eek:
  5. J

    palit HD4850?safe bet or not?

    am opting for palit HD 4850 512 GDDR3??? do u suggest it as a safe bet or do u have ny better options???
  6. I

    i cant keep max res in 9500gt!

    having palit 9500gt ddr2 512mb, with lcd monitor viewsonic va1926w 19"inch i can only keep 1440*900 only cant i keep it higher, i have seen others for more than that is it possible?
  7. N

    Which is better: PALiT HD4870 Sonic or ZOTAC GeForce 9800GTX AMP! ??????

    Hi, I read on october issue of diGit, an article called "VISUAL WARS". I saw the FPS of ZOTAC at 1280x1024 (Max detail, 4x AA) it gives 32.83 & PALiT at 1280x1024 (Max detail, 4x AA) it gives 32.06:confused:. Which one should I buy?? 'Cause I'll be playing at that resolutions. So, it's better if...
  8. choudang

    Alt info req if any and suggest

    Dear All need help... price and alternate req if any E7200 [5.5K] or E8200 [8.1K] or E8400 [8.8K] Intel 965 mobo [6.1K] or Intel D975XBX2 [6.3] or suggest P35 express chipset mobo or NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI Chipset Palit Nvidia 9800GT 512MB DDR3 [8.3K] or EVGA Nvidia 9800 GTX+ SC 512 MB DDR3...
  9. B

    Help:PALIT HD 4850 SONIC

    Palit HD 4850 SONIC or MSI HD 4850 SONIC. Which among the two is better?The former is currently unvailable and the latter is priced at 10.5k.Is it worth waiting for Palit?
  10. S

    Suggestions for my upcoming gaming rig

    Hi friends , I am buying a new gaming pc in next 2-3 weeks !! heres what i have decided to put in that rig !! Any suggestions ? ASUS P5Q MoBo --Rs. 8150 TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX 4GB RAM at 800MHz and 4-4-4-12 timings (Rs.6400) CPU Q6600 G0 Stepping Rs.10550 PALIT HD 4870 Dual Sonic 1GB Rs...
  11. R

    Is this normal ?

    My system specs are- Intel C2D E8400 3.O Ghz MSI P45 NEO F 2X2GB Trancend DDR-2 800Mhz RAM Palit HD4850 wanted to know if everything is alright ?
  12. george101

    Best Graphics Card within 6k??????

    hi guys.... my friend wants to upgrade his current graphics card (8600gt 256MB DDR3).... his budget is 6k... shud he go for Palit HD4670 Super 512MB DDR3 256Bit Super or Palit 9600GT 512MB DDR3??? he wud be playing mostly at 1440x900.... also he is using i-ball 400W SMPS which came with cabinet...
  13. R

    Warranty for prod. bought from ITWares

    guys..i had bought a PALIT HD4850 Sonic off ITWares last week and i am having HW issues with it and i want to get it replaced. my Q is has anyone got their products replaced that were bought from ITWares?if yes how?should i contact Rahul or Palit or Ati? tq
  14. M

    Fabulous offers on ebay!!

    I don't know why most people hesitate to buy from ebay but I have been seeing some good offers there....especially if you have "10% discount coupon". I too overlooked the deals until one of my friend was able to get Brand New Palit 4850 for just Rs. 9k (shipped). Thats lower than what is being...
  15. R

    Help shopping at ITWares

    First of all im sry to bring this up again.many members have told me that ITWares is trustful but im just worried becouse this is mt first online purchase. can any one who has experience shopping with them tell me the procedures? btw im buying a Palit HD4850 Sonic tq
  16. george101

    Palit 9800gt VS 4850!!!

    Guys i was planning to buy palit 4850 for 9.7k but nw i noticed tat palit 9800gt @7.9k is almst same as 4850 in some benchmarks. Wats ur opinion guys. Am very confusd nw! also my monitor is viewsonic 19inch WS. But it doesnt hav dvi. Does palit provide dvi2vga converter with its card like xfx...
  17. munnabhai

    Zotac 9600GT or Palit 9600GSO?

    I have decided to upgrade to following rig- Processor-C2D E7200 Motherboard-Gigabyte Eg31M-S2 RAM-Transcend 2GB 800 PSU-Cooler Masters 600W But i cannot decide between the graphics card- Zotac 9600GT OR Palit 9600GSO these both are available for almost the same price (Rs.6500) point...
  18. K

    Intel DG31PR or Palit N73 PV

    Intel DG31PR or Palit N73 PV. which one is better? :confused:
  19. toofan

    Games getting shutdown automatically.

    When I play games , these are getting shut down automatically after some time. i am in real problem. What would be the matter. i had Palit 8600 gt 512 mg graphic card? Help?? I am playing assigns creed and nfs pro street these days.
  20. S

    which brand

    I am buying ATI 4850 card my dealer says that only Palit brand is available with him, some say that Palit is worst in after sales service, should i buy Palit or wait for some time till other brands are released.
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