Best Graphics Card within 6k??????

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hi guys.... my friend wants to upgrade his current graphics card (8600gt 256MB DDR3).... his budget is 6k... shud he go for Palit HD4670 Super 512MB DDR3 256Bit Super or Palit 9600GT 512MB DDR3??? he wud be playing mostly at 1440x900.... also he is using i-ball 400W SMPS which came with cabinet Gamer... shud he upgrade that also? if so which one shud he go for??? Max budget for both is 9k... plz reply.......
for lower resolutions 4670 is good.. (with lower/moderate gaming details)
for higher resolutions 9600 is good.. (with higher/increased gaming details)


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Ya HD4830 is very good card better then 9600GT....:D and also in budget...:cool:
the design is same as 4850 except the shader units & memory clock rest r same...:)


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and to use any of the HD48xx series card, you need a 500W PSU atleast. Get coolermaster/tagan/corsair/antec PSU for better stability.


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thanx so much for helpng me out guys. wat if buy a 4670 now and save the money of smps. wil it last for another year? even if i buy a 4850+500w smps (which wil cost almsot 13k)it wud only last for 2years. rite? so isnt it better to goy for 4670 now and upgrade aftr 1year.


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Hi George,
Did u bought 4670.I also have a same 450W i ball SMPS and planning to buy Plait 4670 for 6200/-.Is that fine.
Please let me know.
Thanks in Adv



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palit 4670 costs around 5100/- not 6200/- in Hyderabad ..this card is very good
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@george , the HD4830 is already availaible with , they have the palit version its price is rs.8450 .
XpertVision 9600GT 512MB GDDR3 super is the best 6K GPU.
But palit sonic edition is just Rs. 500 extra (6,500) but it has a great cooling solution and is slightly overclocked.

HD4830 and 9800GT are only slightly better than 9600GT and are not worth the price difference. Its better to go for HD4850 instead, which costs 9.5K. For 6K, 9600GT is the best.
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