1. IronCruz

    Graphic cards company for 9600gt

    Guys tell me which company should i go for 9600GT 512MB graphic card? Should i go for PALIT?
  2. johnjjx

    FS : Palit 4850

    For sale is a palit 4850 with custom zalman cooler... shorter than any other 4850 and runs pretty cool at 40 deg idle and 54 full 6% fan speed (as shown in gpu-z) Price 5.6k shipped (dropped from 6k) buy date : nov 08 or so reason for sale : need cash.
  3. tarey_g

    Suggestions Please on this budget gamer config

    Hi all, I am going to buy a gaming PC this month and I need suggestions on the configuration that I have 'so far' decided.I used to be in sync with the latest offerings in the hardware market,but that's 2 yrs back :D, so need help from members who know what to buy now. I am listing the hardware...
  4. rahulbalmuri

    whats the difference????????

    hey guys i need to know the difference b/w MSI's R4870-T2D1G-OC and PALIT 4870 DuAL SONIC 1 GB......... also which is the best third party vendor to go for......MSI or PALIT or SApPHIRE or XFX what else????????
  5. rahulbalmuri

    which is the best gaming rig?????

    View Sonic 19" @ 6.5k E5200 @ 3.1k G31 @ 2.8k 4GB Kingston @ 2k DVD Writer @ 1.2k 250GB Seagate @ 2.2k MS kbd.mouse @ 0.8k Zebronics Krish @ 1k Powersafe Silver 400W @ 1.4k Palit HD4670 512MB GDDR3 SUPER @ 4.5k (or) Athlon X2 7850 BE @ 4.2k Biostar 780G M2 @3.1k 2GB 800 Mhz kingston DDR2...
  6. comp@ddict

    HD4850 512MN GDDR5 Performance REVIEWED (fudzilla)

    HD4850 512MB GDDR5 Performance REVIEWED This card is Gainward HD4850 GLH, but this is the same card as this: Palit HD4850 512MB GDDR5 Special SONIC @ Rs 9,400/- only
  7. E

    FS: PALIT HD4850 1 month Indian Warranty

    HI , Need to sell 1.5 month old PALIT HD 4850. Has full Indian warranty , will provide the original Bill. Revised Price : 7 K . (see - for latest rates) Reason For Sale : Bought it to play Prince of Persia 2009 and Devil May Cry 4...
  8. B

    Palit 9600 gt compatibility

    Hello all. i have a gigabyte S series mother board.Model no GA-M61xxxxx . I would like to install the palit 9600 gt sonic edition 1gb ddr3 card .is this card compatible with my board. if not then is the 9600gt reference card compatible. thanks everyone.
  9. S

    FS: Palit HD 4670 512MB DDR3 Super in warranty

    I am selling on behalf of my friend his:-o 3 months old with warranty I will upload the pic very soon Palit HD 4670 512MB DDR3 --- 3700/- price final... Done try to spoil the thread and hijackers for your information Today I inquired the latest Price for this card New one comes for...
  10. R

    FS: Palit 8400 GS Super

    Palit 8400 GS 512mb ddr2 for sale Price Rs.1500/- new card Mfr date March 2009 received as replacement.
  11. G

    Suggestion Required!!!!!

    Hey Pals I want to configure a new comp.{gaming}{around18k}i want your help man..... This is the configuration a friend of mine suggested.... Mobo: Asus Nvidia M2n68-AM Procy: Athlon 64 X2 7750+ 2.9GHz Ram: 2xOCZ 1GB DDR2 800MHZ GFX: Palit 9800GT 512MB DDR3 so tell me i will go...
  12. A

    MY new Hoot palit hd 4850 + Andyson G530

    My new HOOTS pics are here!!![/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  13. S

    Palit HD 4670 512MB DDR3 for sale

    I am selling this card...8-) Palit HD 4670 512MB DDR3 == 5000/- Core Clock : 750Mhz Memory Clock : 2025Mhz Memory Bus : 128Bit 3DMark06 Score: 8400 cards manufacturing date feb 2009 Just used for 15 days.. Reason: Need money urgently Mumbai buyers preferred(outsiders 75/-...
  14. maverick786us

    Palit pulls out of video card business Funny. The very same link in the article gave Palit 9600 a [H]ard OCP gold award recommendation. What's up with that??
  15. N

    FS Palit 9800GT

    For sale Palit 9800GT 3 months old with bill, box and all the accessories that came with it PM me for details . Asking price 6500/- Price drop To RS.6000/-
  16. A

    Advice needed regarding Graphic card.

    My uncle is sending me the graphic card from singapore......i am going to use it on 19" monitor..Powercolor hd4830 costs me Rs.4800....and palit hd4850 costs me Rs.6400.then which should i go for?.which one is more value for money??..... Thank You!!
  17. comp@ddict

    Palit releases HD4850 SONIC with 512MB GDDR5

    Right, that's not a typo. This is for real. It's basically HD4870 with lesser speed and maybe a little lesser TDP. Now the pricing is unknown, but the hint is towards 150$, that means a Rs. 8000 to Rs. 8500 in INDIA. Now that's SUPERB indeed...
  18. dinesh_ddt

    Pure Gaming Rig.. Nothing Else..

    I'm upgrading from p4 pc... my budget is 20k.. i got suggestions like: 1) Phenom X3 X3 - 8650+ Tri Core-2.3GHz, 3.5M:twisted: AMD 780G MA78GM-S2H 16x, 8 Ch. S, L, HDMi4 2 GB ddr2 transcend Local cabinet PSU pov balck diamond 500w palit ATI HD 4670 512mb ddr3 2)P5KPL-CM INTEL G31...
  19. S

    Which Graphics CARD is better???

    Which card is better in terms of Performance/Noise reduction/Warranty Service/Quality EVGA e-GeForce 9600 GT SSC Palit 9600 GT Sonic XFX Geforce 9600GT
  20. a_to_z123

    Where to get Palit HD4870 in Nehru Place?

    Hello guys, Can anyone tell me where to purchase Palit HD4870 in Nehru Place?? I went there in the last week of November '08 and nobody was stocking Palit cards. I tried a lot of shops on 1st floor where Cost 2 Cost is located but nobody was selling them. Only MSI HD4870 were available. So...
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