1. johnjjx

    Kill3r VFM Rig@40k

    Cpu e7200 5.8k Mbo abit ip35-E 5.4k Ram G.skill ddr2800 2.4k Hdd WD 640GB 4.6k Drive samsung sh203d 1.1k Lcd dell 198Wfp 9.6k Logitech mkbd+mx310 1k Zebby bijli cabinet 1k+cm 460w 1.7k Graphics Palit 9600gso 6k Spks vs4121 2.7k Hope it helps;-) Sorry fr too many shrtfrms. M typin frm...
  2. P

    PSU problem?

    I'd bought a computer sometime back and have added a Palit 9600 Standard (NOT Sonic) to it. Now while my computer runs just fine and I don’t have any stability problems, I kind of think I do have an underpowered PC.I have a generic PSU (an Odyssey 450 jus in case you're curious.) that is a bit...
  3. A

    Palit X1600 Pro......???

    hi all i saw the GC Comparision in Digit October 06 issue. n i was reely impressed by the Palit X1600 Pro... can neeone tell me where from can i buy this thuing......
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