1. A


    I have gigabyte 8TRS350MT mobo based on ATi 9100pro IGP chipset & my proc is P4 1.5 GHz with 400 MHz FSB . my mobo supports overclocking by changing the freqency.The default freq. is 100 and I changed it to 118 and proc is OC'd to 1.78 GHz. Ihave cheked CPU & mobo temp. & played NFSUG2 for...
  2. Kniwor

    ICS951412 clock generator

    Cannot find a tool with it.. ok, so i was trying to overclock my pc, clockgen is the only tool I've found supporting this clock generator, any help here? any overclocking tool with this clock generator, in short, any overclocking utility for MS-7093.
  3. I

    AMD Overclocking(SORRY)

    Hi, I'm really sorry 4 posting this but i really need help. I know there r mne threads on overclocking but I m new here and though I tried search2 but i couldnt get the right information. Plz can u help me or direct me 2 the right thread. I have a AMD Sempron 2800+, a epox motherboard(click...
  4. F

    NVIDIA overclocking,tweaking and cooling....All info you nee

    Hello People. Well for past 4 years I had NVIDIA card along with ATI and have tried many different tweaks, mods on both NV and ATI cards. I see lots of people asking about overclocking the NVIDIA graphic card and how to do it. So I decided to write a article sharing the information that I...
  5. sourav

    Help Overclocking a old CPU

    I have a Mercurry KOb FCST mobo with Intel Celeron 735 Mhz. 128 MB SDRAM. Win XP, WIn 98. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help in overclocking
  6. S


    Hi! Guys, I have often heard the word..OVERCLOCKING.. What exactly is it? I think it is connected to AMD.. Is it (whatever it is) possible on INTEL processors?
  7. darklord

    Some Overclocking i tried with my new A64 !!

    Hey guys,i tried some overclocking on my new board+cpu. Hope you guys like it. My Total Setup was as following - Asus A8N-E Motherboard AMD Athlon 64 3000+ [939 Pin,Winchester Core] 256 x 2 Generic Hynix DDR RAM modules based on Hynix D43 chips 40GB Seagate Cuda 300...
  8. pirates1323

    Help me overclocking my SiS card

    Company: SiS Product: EliteGroup Computer System_AG305-32M Chip Type: SiS 300/305 Rev 90 Video Memory(Type): SDRAM Video Memory(Size): 32.0 Mbytes Video Memory Clock: 125 MHz Ok I think this is enough for overclocking of SiS card
  9. T

    what is overclocking?

    Hi friends! I want to know what overclocking is. I tried searcing through the forum but could not understand anything. Can anyone please higlight on this?
  10. raj14

    Overclocking XFX GeForce 6800GT HELP!

    Hello, my friend just brought a XFX GeForce 6800GT, he wants to overclock it. I don't have any previous expierence with XFX graphic cards so i am Unable to help him. He's a Newbie in Overclocking and he doesn't want to use a seprate cooler. He wants to push the limits with the stock cooler. The...
  11. techno_funky

    D.O.T (dynamin overclocking technology) whts it?????

    hi people well recently bought a MSI geforce FX card installed the driver in the properties menu i got this tab well i know abt the overclocking but wht abt those diffrent types of ?? private sergents etc what are these any answers please do answer thanks
  12. V

    Overclocking option locked how to do it ??help

    hi in my bios overclocking option is locked how to unlock it and overclock specifications celeron 1.7 bios kobian
  13. Raaabo

    Share your Tweaking Tips here

    Let's see how you guys out there tweak your hardware / software to get the max out of your systems... Anything goes, from overclocking to even taking the babies way out and installing TweakXP... Let us know about it...
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