Which is the best tablet available


I m planning to gift my bro a tablet in week or so(though I can wait if something good is going to launch soon).
A dual core processor,10" screen and good battery back-up(10hrs or so) is a must.

ipad 2 16GB Wi-Fi+3G version(as the normal version doesn't even have a GPS) seems to me to best option right now.But the 3G version is quite costly than the normal one.And its battery also cannot be replaced.

Blackberry playbook is not a good option I think.

Motorola xoom is not available in India right now.Still It seems to be good but I really don't know much about this device.

Samsung 10.1 tablet is about to launch but we guys dont even have any idea when it will come to India.

I really wish if I could get a USB port,a memory card slot in the tablet but it is not possible to get one with it right now(if it is possible then plz tell me)

So now please tell me which is the best option available right now and which one should I go for.


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Go for iPad 2 if you want to get a tablet now. but if you can wait for Gtab 10.1, do wait for it. And don't go for 7" tablets. That is too tiny for a tablet.


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iPad 1,2 or a Samsung Tab 10.1 if you can buy online or from grey market.


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tablets :
1. At-least in India its hard to carry a tablet wherever you go
2. Its main use is for browsing and hence FLASH is a MUST.

Hence go for Samsung tab 10' . its 10x better than any tablet device in market.


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The main competitors in the market right now are the Apple iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both have their own advantages. The comparisons that are shown here are quite detailed.

Personally, I would go for the GalaxyTab. I know that Android isn't as great as the iOS in some areas, but android is developing much faster than the iOS.

My advice to you is wait for the iOS5 to be introduced. After that, make your decision.
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Guys I want to ask u one thing.
Can we do all things in ipad that we do in a laptop,can an ipad can be used instead of a laptop almost all the time??


I m not gonna opt for windows tablet.Windows when compared to iOS and android stands nowhere.
I m thinking of ipad coz I already own Incredible S which has android so planning for something different.And the only option we have in android in 10" size is samsung galaxy tab 10.1.
So now what u guys suggest,should I still go for another device with android or should I try iOS?
Please tell the things which can be done a laptop but when done in a tablet it is difficult? Plz elaborate.


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Just bought iPad 2 and its amazing reason: 95000 apps and counting including some of the most jaw dropping apps you will ever see on any platform.This is what real use of tablet is not in staring the screen with no apps.Regarding flash who needs it when most of websites are HTML5 COMPATIBLE hell even google is switching to html5 in google apps Flash= resource hog, ads banners, buggy , security flaws , browser crashes(million of android owners will testify and most hate flash)
P.S Product usability, longevity and ecosystem beat specs and raw power any day. Most techies (and some tech journos) just dont get that When you buy
Android you just own a
bunch of electronic parts, when you buy iOS device, you get a way to do something, that's the biggest difference between these platforms. :)


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If you havn't made up your mind for iPad2 and can go for only WiFi, you can look at Asus Transformer TF101. One of the best Android tablet right now and the cheapest as well ($399), not yet launched in India but you may order directly from US.

Oh yes, Asus Transformer has USB port but only through the keyboard dock (another $150). Acer Iconia has a USB port and is available for around 25k. Everything is good there but Asus has IPS screen which beats every other Android tablet.
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