MS and after engg. education options...


Guys I want to know what are my after engineering options. Currently I am studying engineering, Comp Science.

I am not interested in MBA and also in job. So what are my after engineering education options ? Mtech in IIT would be my last option. Searching for other alternatives.

How about DRDO, IISC ? I know they require good scores, but what are exams I have to write ? Minimum criteria ? My current CGPA is 9.2 and I am sure it will be 9.4 - 9.5 by completion :oops:

and also MS in US. I know getting into Top colleges is very hard, but that's also one of my option. But I have zero research background, so would that make my entry into top colleges impossible ?

and how about MS in Singapore or Germany or Others ??? I have no money problem. But if doing MS in Germany/SGP/UK/NZ is as same as US, then I would go for it. Personally I would chose Singapore as I was told wether is good out there and suitable for south indians ;)

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@faun - thanks for the link man, checking it out.

@conquerer - couldn't the blog mate, can you give me link ?
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