Problematic Ubuntu 10.10 setup = Loss of Disk Space.


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I was installing Ubuntu 10.10 from a DVD yesterday. But the setup had some problems/ DVD might have been corrupted. So the setup was running infinitely. Hence, I was forced to restart the machine(setup was incomplete that time).

I was installing Ubuntu with the option of(Install Ubuntu along side other Operating Systems), and I allocated 30 GB of disk space for Ubuntu.

But as setup was incomplete, so I opened back Windows, to uninstall Ubuntu. But I can't find any option to do it. (on Contol Panel) There aren't any newly created files on the drive, too. But I lost 30 GB of disk space. How can I get the space back/Uninstall Ubuntu?

One thing I tried was to reinstall Ubuntu again, but the setup was restarting from the beginning. Any solutions? :???:


change is constant!!
u cannot browse linux partiions in windows, generally linux are in ext3/ext4 partitions.
but u can see the partition in windows control panel->computer management-> secondary storage.

there u can see the 30GB partition, u can reformat that partition (if u want to roll back)

try installing ubuntu manually. by dividing that 30GB partition into 500MB for /boot and 20GB for /home and rest for /


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No I want to roll back and want the space back. I do not get any Computer Management option under Control Panel/ Can you give me the proper steps to roll back and format that Ubuntu Partition from Windows itself; (or if other softwares are necessary to do it). I am using Win 7 32 bit.


Resistance is Futile.
Start menu -> run.

Type in discmgmt.msc. Remove unallocated/unrecognised partitions. Reallocate them to NTFS. Keep your Win 7 boot disk ready, this will remove grub & you won't be able to boot back.


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Thanks for the suggestion. But when I am trying to run discmgmt.msc it shows:- Windows cannot find the file specified. :|


try EASEUS partition manager.
it will allow you to delete the 30 gb partition, and make the space into a new partition
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