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I am looking to purchase a 4K TV 48-50" this Holi for price budget as less as possible (around 70k) but it should have the great quality and 3 years warranty option. I will get PS4 pro for gaming as well, already have Panasonic music system to attach on.


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Is there any chances of new models in March?
How are LeTVs for such a low price?
and this pana model Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @

Don't know about new model launch but both LG and Sony have very updated configuration also LeTV is actually good but since its a new company we can't be sure about after sale service and about Panasonic doesn't look impressive to me.Also if you don't want to spend more then philips 49PUT7791 is a good option but it will lack HDR,HEVC codec support,HDMI 2.0.
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