Processor Replacement (Core 2 Duo or AMD A4)



My System Config as follows :

AMD Phenom X6 1055T 2.8GHz
MSI 760GM P33 MotherBoard
6GB Kingston RAM
Antec 450W SMPS

I want to replace my processor &/or MotherBoard, as processor is faulty
My Budget is strictly 3000. Not more then that.

As I have researched I have 2 options in Front of me :

1st Option :
Amd A4 5300 or 4000 = 3000 or 2800

2nd Option :
Intel Core 2 Duo + some Mobo ~ 4000
I will get 1500 for my Mobo.
Hence, total cost = 2500.

This system will be only used for WEb Browsing and Movies. No Gaming or any advanced softwares.

Please suggest which one to go from these or any other option if available.
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On ebay, Gigabyte G41 motherboards and intel core 2 duo e7xxx or e8xxx(without fan and heatsink) will be in your budget. An intel stock heatsink and fan will be a few hundred rupees.
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