1. A

    Help with Drivers :)

    Hi, I recently purchased an Asus K53SM-SX10d with Dual Graphics Card's a) Nvidia 630M 2gb b) Intel HD 3000 With OPTIMUS switching technology. My problem is that the Latest Nvidia Drivers for 630M which is 301.42 does not support OPtimus Tech according to what i read.. And the Drivers...
  2. gohan89

    Is the LG Optimus 2x right for me?

    I want an Android phone.My budget is within 17,000. I dont text a lot. I will be watching lots of movies Hd if possible but occassionally. I like to play lots of games,ones with heavy graphics for 0.5 to 1 hour a day. I will be listening to lots of music through earphones. I will web browse...
  3. ajayritik

    Can I expand my internal memory to 8GB for my LG Optimus Net

    I was just wondering if I can upgrade my existing SD Card which is 2 GB to 8 GB in my LG Optimus Net. I heard earlier that if we upgrade to anything higher the Mobile becomes slow etc. And is there any max limit upto which I can upgrade. Also any suggestions on brand etc?
  4. ajayritik

    How to connect to GPRS using Desktop PC

    Guys can someone help me connecting with my Airtel GPRS using my PC. I have Lg optimus net & GS2.
  5. R

    Need help in selecting phone

    Hi, My budget is 10k. Requirments 1]android phone 2]at least 3 mp cam 3]fast internet minimum. I am confused between htc explorer,lg optimus net and motorola fire xt. Please suggest me good one.
  6. montsa007

    LG Optimus LTE2 is coming - Will have a generous 2GB RAM

    http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_optimus_lte2-4739.php - GSMArena Link And an Ugly Comment over there - Preliminary official specifications For Korean market This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network worldwide. LG announces Optimus LTE2 with 2GB of RAM - GSMArena.com news Hands...
  7. power_8383

    Mobile under Rs. 10000

    Hello guys, Please suggest me a mobile under Rs. 10,000/- Preferred factors : Touch Screen, Large Screen, Good battery backup Intended use : Internet, Camera. I have shortlisted the following models :- 1) Motorola FIRE XT 2) Samsung Galaxy Y Duos 3) LG Optimus NET P690 Which one...
  8. maninder4k

    LG Optimus Net P690

    Bought LG Optimus Net P690 Recently :) Want to know Anything about it?
  9. H

    Buying advice for phone

    which of the following phone would be a better? 1.Nokia Lumia 710 2.Samsung Galaxy S5830 3.Lg Optimus Hub Please advice me which one should i buy and why?
  10. K


    Please give a correct answer. Who are using this LG Optimus Net Dual! When ONE SIM is using for Data usage (Internet purpose) can i receive or dial any calls or SMS from the other SIM? Please give me reply as soon as possible i want to buy if that question is clarified. Waiting for User's...
  11. sky770

    Help Me Find >> LG Optimus 2X << want to buy asap:)

    Hi all! :) (First off I have no idea whether I'll get flamed for opening a new thread just for the purpose :| but.. let it be :D ) I need your help fellas..I really want to buy a brand new, box pack, Sealed LG Optimus 2X at lowest possible price here in New Delhi/Noida but I am not able...
  12. R

    dual core android phone

    hey guys I am planning to buy android phone.I need it for gaming,camera,music,video.MY budget is 25k. I have shortlisted 4 phones htc sensation,galaxy r,motorola atrix2,lg optimus 2x.Please help me get the right phone!!!! Is htc one series worth the wait?
  13. A

    LG Optimus HUB

    hye guys i have make my mind to buy LG Optimus HUB . My budget is 12-13k max. THE reason to choose it is , that, it has less resolution and 1500mh battery which gives me good bakup coz i will play games 4-5 hours a day and 24*7 internet. what u guys says ??
  14. darnee

    Phone for 9.5K

    1. Budget - 9500 2. Display type and size? Nothing Specific 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? HTC,Samsung,LG only 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touch 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for...
  15. N

    LG Optimus 2x @15k

    Optimus 2x at some 15k. Check it out LG Mobile Phones Optimus 2X P990 Dark Brown | Yebhi.com I'm not advertising or anything, just thought this could be useful to many out here.
  16. rahul_c

    Bricked my LG Optimus Net!

    I have bricked my phone-LG Optimus Net P690! All I get is LG logo coming and going in loop. I somehow got into emergency mode, what should I do? I just clicked on 'backup current ROM', I didn't even replaced my original ROM! Please help my dad is going to kill me, its just a week old phone...
  17. C

    LG Optimus Net P698

    I am thinking to buy LG Optimus Net P698. I don't really need a dual sim. I was thinking to get LG Optimus Net, but some said, it is not good. Anyone used LG Optimus Net P698, any suggestions ? I will use it mostly for entertainment (video, games, music), less calls. I want to install some...
  18. C

    Need Help In Buying Android Phone !!

    well guys .....i'm in a mess right now ...cant seem to decide what to buy ....My budget is Rs 18k ....i'm pretty sure that i will using the phone mainly for gaming and browsing ....so right now i'm looking at xperia neo v and lg optimus black p970 so .....what do u guys think ??? please feel...
  19. J

    Nvidia Optimus on GT 540M?

    I hav decided to buy asus Kserise lapy Asus K Series K53SV-SX520D Laptop i has the following gfx card NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M - 2GB i wanna kno whether it has optimus technology does the manufacturer provide special hardware to use optimus tech?
  20. S

    Want to buy a new phone

    1. Budget : ~10k 2. Display type and size: >3" and good clarity 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip: bar 4. Preferred choice of brand: samsung,lg,htc. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).: touchscreen 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for...
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