1. abhidev

    LG Optimus 2X Officially Announced

    Today, LG has made an official announcement of the Optimus 2X. To recap on the specs, the Optimus X2 will be the first Tegra2-powered GSM Smartphone along with the dual-core Cortex A9 processor. Outfitted with a 8MP camera, the device is able to deliver Full HD (1080p) playback ad recording via...
  2. N

    LG Optimus One launched!!!

    LG at last releasesd their new android offering Optimus One and at a competitive price of 13k!!! Its been reviewed by team digit and according to them its faster then Samsung Galaxy 3... Check these out - Thinkdigit.com, LG Optimus One P500 - Value for Money Ecoustics.com, LG Optimus...
  3. J

    Samsung Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One

    ≡ ≡ ≡ Samsung Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One ≡ ≡ ≡ Guys while my hunt for a good budget andriod was just about to end on galaxy 3, suddenly LG have started playing with my mind again :-D. The phone which will really give a run for galaxy 3 would be LG optimus one. I feel if LG can come up with a...
  4. naveen_reloaded

    Optimus Tactus

    Here's the next forward-thinking keyboard idea from the Art.Lebedev Studio—this Optimus Tactus is a keyboard that has no keys. Along with its touchscreen substituting for physical keys comes flexibility, giving you choices of how big those graphic keys can be. When you're not typing, you can...
  5. iMav

    $1564.37 Optimus Maximus Keyboard Finally Revealed

    yup u read it right we've seen concepts and seen "possible optimus keyboard" pictures but heres the real thing man i want 1 of these :twisted: Source & Vdos
  6. dOm1naTOr

    Transformers help

    Nybody complated Transformers PC? How to defeat Megatron when we are fighting as Optimus in the garden?
  7. Vishal Gupta

    =~ Suggestions Required for a FLAT Keyboard under 1K ~=

    Hi guys! I need a Keyboard and thats why I want ur gr8 suggestions. :D Currently I hv iKey keyboard and its working gr8. Now I want a FLAT keyboard. I read about Optimus keyboard a lot on net: Optimus Keyboard But it has not been released yest and will be too expensive. So pls guys suggest...
  8. Q

    Optimus OLED keyboard

    Optimus OLED keyboard Every key of this new design Optimus keyboard is a little stand-alone display based on OLED technology and it is showing exactly what it is controlling at that very moment. Yes you can control the way your keys look :) More Images To this date is not...
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