1. S

    Samsung Galaxy R or the LG Optimus 2x

    I'm Confused between the two. The Galaxy R has more RAM, Battery, A better UI and comes Stock with GB. The Optimus 2X has a better Camera and Video Recorder and HDMI. Also, it has a huge following in the custom ROM Scene. So, which one should I go for? I'm getting them both for Rs...
  2. nCyCoD

    Optimus 2x vs Xperia Arc S

    Hello guys, I want to buy a new mobile for around 20k. My requirements are good touch screen,good camera,and 4+ inch screen. On ebay, optimus 2x is available for 19k. Xperia arc for 22k. Arc s for 24k. Any suggestions please?
  3. S

    guys help...confused ..!!...goin to buy in 2-3 days

    which one is better lg optimus 2x (19k) or xperia arc (21.5k) ...is optimus 2x really buggy ????....coz it looks grt on paper .....any other phone in sub 22k range u want to suggest ???
  4. ajayritik

    How do I connect LG optimus Net mobile to my PC

    I have recently purchased LG Optimus Net which I want to connect to my PC. Are there any android applications available which can help me do this. Maybe I can also connect via my WI-FI router. Kindly help!
  5. kool

    which mobile best under Rs.20k..? Galaxy vs Optimus vs Nokia 701. Help me guys.......

    Guys... I really need ur suggestion buying a mobile for my friend working in infosys, mysore. He has Airtel SIM. My Budget: Rs.18k-20k (I cant increase) What i want: 1)Touch screen 2)Good battery backup 3)any OS, either symbian or Android 4)want for long use for 2years 5)must have 3G...
  6. G

    phone under 7k

    i need a android phone under 7k hers my list spice mi310 micromax a70 galaxy y lg optimus me
  7. ajayritik

    My Mini review of LG Optimus Net

    Guys since this is my first review here please accept my apologies if I have not put it properly. I was hunting for a new phone after I lost my old Nokia phone 5233. I was basically looking for a phone that would come for a price around 10k. I was intially thinking about the Samsung series like...
  8. M

    my first android; LG optimus one or Dell xcd 35?

    I"m getting lg optimus one for Rs.9700 and xcd 35 for 8200 (both are Flipkart price). help me to choose one considering the 1500 price difference.
  9. R

    LG Optimus Black at 16700 at yebhi

    Hi guys, with the discount code PC1620948BAF you can get optimus black at 16700.. it is a good diwali deal .. coupon applicable for other mobile as well.. samsung galaxy i9003 also at 15700. Happy Diwali to all of you :)
  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    LG Optimus Net Launched!!

    LG silently launches Optimus Net in India for INR 10K | AndroidOS.in Flipkart.com: LG Optimus NET P690: Mobile LG Optimus One P500 vs. LG Optimus Net - GSMArena.com Those who were waiting for it, go grab it now :D
  11. M

    LG Optimus One- any chance for a price slash?

    hey guys, after a long search in web, I opted LG Optimus one as my next phone (my first android). but I've noticed that there wasn't any change in it's price for months. Is there any chance for a price slash?
  12. A

    Some queries

    hello guys. I want to buy a doid @ 12-13k. I am inclined towards LG optimus net (hope its under my budget). When it will be available in india.??? Which mobile has decent battery backup under heavy use 1. LG optimus Black 2. Nexus S 3. Desire S 4. Galaxy S ?????
  13. socrates

    LG Optimus Hub Surfaces In Italy

    The 1500 mAh battery looks interesting also the price :D LG Optimus Hub Surfaces In Italy I hope it comes here soon. Correct me if I am wrong but the new Motorola Fire XT also has a 1500mAh battery.
  14. socrates

    LG Optimus Pro now on pre-order in India for INR10K

    Flipkart has started taking preorders for LG Optimus Pro. LG Optimus Pro now on pre-order in India for INR10K | AndroidOS.in
  15. socrates

    LG Optimus Net, Pro hands on

    Remember, LG recently announced Optimus Pro and Net Android smartphones internationally and are expected to reach India very soon. We spent some time with both the devices at recently held Qualcomm Indian On 2011. LG Optimus Net, Pro hands on [Images] | AndroidOS.in The prices if correct look...
  16. nCyCoD

    Should I buy Optimus 2x??

    Hello guys, I previously owned Nokia 6500slide for 2 years,then Nokia X6 for a year,at present I have Nokia C6-00... But I want to buy an android phone within the budget 27k. I mainly use mobile for multimedia,photos and browsing... I narrowed my choices to LG Optimus 2x and HTC...
  17. MatchBoxx

    LG Optimus Two???

    According to gsmarena.com this phone might just turn up to be the big brother of the highly successful Optimus One...if price is acceptable, this one should be a big hit too! Gingerbread-running LG Univa E510 leaks, is it the Optimus Two? - GSMArena.com news
  18. L

    LG Optimus Black Vs Samsung Google Nexus S - Which one to buy????

    I have to buy a phone budget 20 k am confused between LG Optimus Black and Samsung Google Nexus S. Kindly help me to choose bet the two. 1) Any problems/issuses with these phones? 2) Hows the battery life? 3) For gaming which one is better? 4) Is 2.3 upgrade available for LG Optimus...
  19. N

    LG Optimus Black P970??

    Hi guys, Iam looking to buy my first android phone nearly after 4yrs.I was browsing through various smart phone's....got across this LG Optimus Black P970 one... can anyone suggest is this a good buy? Any problems with this phone? how is the battery life of this phone for a normal use...
  20. A

    LG optimus 2x update 2.3 coming late September

    Hey guys today i mail lg regarding update of lg optimus 2x & I get the reply it’s coming last week of September.:doublethumb::doublethumb::doublethumb::doublethumb:
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