1. D

    Opinions on daily life and practices as a Muslim

    I am doing an assignment on Islam and have to write 4-5 opinions of Muslims about how they live their daily life, what religious practices they follow and their beliefs and customs and similar questions. I don't have any Muslim friends whom I could ask. So I thought I should ask here. Please...
  2. M

    Cowon EK2 opinions needed.

    Anybody used Cowon EK2 IEM? Please post your opinions or reviews. How do they compare to Cowon EM1 (importantly, in the bass department). Bass, treble and voice clarity ratings would be even more helpful.
  3. K

    Is this trusted?

    Hey guys, Ive found Lg optimus G for 14 k at ebay.in Here is the link: LG Optimus G E970 - 16GB (Unlocked ) 4G LTE Quad-Core Android Smartphone So I was wondering whether I trust this seller.. And Lg optimus G at such price is quite susipicous..So I want some opinions to purchase it or...
  4. Jaskanwar Singh

    When to drink water

    guys some say its fine to drink water during a meal, some say u should drink after 30min and not in between. what r ur opinions? :-D
  5. RohanM

    Gamma - NZXT or CM K380

    Hello guys, need opinions. which one is best & why ?
  6. S_V

    Please Give your Opinion on this TV Samsung Plasma E550 51"

    Hello Guys, How are you all? Cousin and me planning to Buy Samsung E490 3D 43" HD Ready (41,500 with Blu-Ray player) and SAMSUNG E550 3D 51" FULL HD (67,500) Respectively. Links for Specifications : E550 and E490. Please feel Free to give your opinions only If you know exactly what you are...
  7. T

    Inviting Stll More Opinions on Panasonic FZ47 (or) Canon SX240 Hs

    Hi frenzz, I am need some more opinions from photography enthusiasts.. I am going to purchase my first camera... my budget now 16,000 .. I narrowed to Canon SX240Hs and Panny FZ47..(ebay offering both at 16k).. I impressed by FZ47 due to EVF and spec(2.8 aperture,25mm wide and its...
  8. C

    Best Tablet available under 15K

    Hello Friends, I want to purchase a Tablet and following up abt them in quite a few forums. I am looking for both sizes 7 inches and more than 9 inches also. If I can get dual processor nothing like it but single processor will also work. Please give your suggestion and opinions regarding my...
  9. V

    best adsl+ modem+router

    which would be the best modem+router to use with reliance broadband. i think that D-Link DSL-2750U is a good one... but someone plz help me with more opinions.
  10. C

    [urgent] should I buy micromax a57?

    I need to buy a phone this week and a57 really caught my eye. So, should I go and get it? Have any of you used it? Please share your opinions
  11. N

    Ipod Dilemma !

    Hey frends Cud u let me know if buying Ipod 8gb 4th Gen a worth buy for money..and wat are the camera's Pic quality of the same ? I Really want to go for this gadget but greatly Discouraged by my pals as to they think its a waste of money ... Ur opinions plz on the same !! THX ! ")
  12. vickybat

    Crytek: UE4 Just Now Catching Up with CryEngine 3

    Are cevat yerli's comments true? Post your opinions guys. Source
  13. A

    Common Entrance Test

    The new guidelines state CET as only medium to gain entry into IITs,IIMs and what not - ?! Post your opinions about CET and if possible,give a supporting reason.
  14. A

    please help!!,mere carrer ka sawaal hain?

    hey people i am in big dilemma.ok first i have completed my science stream HSC exam in average marks got 56% at agg. 35 in physics,65 in bio,44 in maths and 55 in chem.so heres the question i am thinking of doing bsc in computer science with diploma in software engineering from niit.now i am...
  15. S

    buytheprice opinions?

    Wanted to buy a mobile from buytheprice using ICICI coupon. Is it reliable? Any opinions on this site?
  16. G

    Suggestion needed to buy a LED tv

    I need to buy a 32 inch led tv. My budget is 40k .I'd shortlisted sony kdl-ex520 as sony is the most selling LED tv brand.Also I need that the Tv I buy should last atleast 7-8 yrs. So,please give your opinions whether I should go for it or is there any other option....
  17. The Conqueror

    Need your feedback - School Project

    Hi, This is a part of my school Biology Project, and I ask for your humble cooperation, if possible. The topic for my project is "Analysis of Sleeping Habits and Patterns for different age groups". I need your opinions for the same. Please fill up the short survey: The link for the survey is ...
  18. socrates

    What Android fans think of iPhone users

    What Android fans think of iPhone users - Computerworld
  19. har

    Phone-as cheap as possible

    I want to buy a phone for basic calling(for taking to college). The cheaper the better. Would appreciate a mp3 player though ;-) Please give opinions as I know nothing about phones of this budget.
  20. V.VAIDYA

    Smartphone OS

    Hello everyone, I am a bit confused which smartphone to buy. Should last at least 3 years. Budget- (10,000-15,000)-can extend a bit more. Help me decide and give me your opinions based on 1.Futureproof (future Support) 2.Number of games and apps 3.Browsing experience 4.Productivity...
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